Five of the coolest connected toys you can buy right now

Anki Drive
By Adam Zeis on 29 May 2014 12:59 pm

Since diving full-on into the connected space, I've started making things somewhat of a family affair, and having kids, that means I get to play with some awesome connected toys "for work". There are plenty of toys that I've been scoping out lately, but I have a short list of some of the coolest ones on the market should you be looking to get connected as well. Keep in mind that some are a bit pricey, but even if you aren't willing to shell out a few hundred for a flying drone, you can still get into the connected toy game for just a few bucks.

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Five of the coolest connected toys you can buy right now


Would love a drone but live in the centre of a city which poses problems and countless obstacles (or possibilities).

Has anyone used Sphero on solid wood floors?

I'd love to have each of these. Particularly the Parrot, even though I'm certain it would get a lot of shelf time after the initial few days. But of them all, the Lego probably has the best replay value, and is the most educational.

I've always coveted the Drone, mostly because it's AWESOME! Practically though, it's an expensive toy. But darn cool!

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I'd love a drone! For one it's the only thing on that list remotely capable of competing with my Sphero 2.0. Which is absolutely awesome for killing some time!

Why haven't I heard of LEGO MindStorms before? They took the coolest toy for all ages and made it even cooler. How awesome is that?