So in our previous post BeauHD broke down his reasons why you shouldn't buy the new iPod Touch 6, and even though some are great points, and make Android fanboys rejoice, the Apple iPod Touch 6 is still a great device. YouTuber UrAvgConsumer put together a great video with five reasons why you SHOULD buy the iPod Touch 6.

Some of his reasons include :

  • It's a great upgrade from your old iPod Touch 5 if you still use one, the new Touch 6 features highly improved internal specs for improved performance your favorite games, apps and simply just surfing will go a lot smoother than before.

  • It makes a great gift. Who can possibly get upset by getting an iPod Touch 6 as a gift? Starting at $199 it is also not the most inexpensive gadget for what it packs.

  • It's a great dedicated media player. If you don't want to use your iPhone or Android smartphone for everything, the iPod Touch 6 makes a great device to have laying around the house for video games, exercise tracking, having guest surf without giving them access to your private device.

  • Perfect for Teenagers and Kids - The iPod Touch 6 gives the technology and power of smartphones to your teenagers or kids without having to sign them up for expensive wireless plans.

  • Lastly, It gives Android users a chance to have an iOS device without needing a iPhone. Great for someone who needs to test and app, or game, or simply just wants a simple device browse and surf the net without having to go full iPhone.

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Video Credit: UrAvgConsumer Youtube