The iPod 6 Touch just got released by Apple, and a lot of people are excited about that. However, BeauHD from PhoneDog put together this great little video with his five reasons not to buy the iPod Touch 6.

Some of his reasons include:

  • It's Expensive. The base model is $199, which may not seem like a lot but considering your only getting 16GB of space, and only 12.2 of that is available after iOS requirements. This doesn't leave much space for your favorite music, movies, apps, and games. If you want more space than that, you will have to upgrade to the more expensive 32 ($249) , 64 ($299) or 128GB ($399) version, as the iPod Touch does not have an expandable memory slot.
  • The Display is only 4 inches and is not as impressive as that of it's iPhone counterpart.
  • No Fingerprint scanner for security or GPS tracking for fitness trackers.
  • Apple Music is no longer restricted to iOS devices. If you wanted to get the iPod just to use it with Apple Music, it should be available in the Android and Windows Stores shortly.

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Video Source: PhoneDog

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