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Five Pebble apps worth checking out

By Robert J Nelson on 20 Jul 2014 01:04 pm

Pebble users have a wide variety of different watch faces, but we cannot forget about the apps. The app collection seems to be growing on a fairly regular basis, and Pebble has categories that break these down between Daily, Tools & Utilities, Notifications, Remotes, Health & Fitness and Games. Mixed in amongst these categories you will find apps that are dealing with hot topics such as World Cup 2014, and fun topics such as the Pixel Miner app. We also cannot forget the more trendy such as the Yo app.

While the wide variety of available Pebble apps is good for the users, it also means there may be some apps that seem obvious to you -- but have been missed entirely by others. Having said that, we are going to share the five Pebble apps we feel you should check out.


You'll obviously need to be an Evernote user to find value here, but this app allows you to browse through your stored notes. You have the option to browse by notebook, tags, nearby and more. While the general access to notes is handy to have on your wrist, the checklist notes have proven especially handy for quick shopping trips. Using this setup on your Pebble you can quickly move through the store and check off what you purchased with just a few button clicks.


We choose to highlight RunKeeper, however other fitness and running apps now offer similar functionality. Looking back, RunKeeper was one of the first apps released for the Pebble, and it provides you with easily glanceable information. The RunKeeper Pebble app shows you the current distance, average pace and total elapsed time for that workout. Bottom line here, whether you choose RunKeeper or one of the other supported fitness apps -- this setup means you can keep your phone tucked safely in an armband and still be able to see your current stats.


This one will be welcomed by those who frequent Starbucks. It may also serve to amaze your favorite barista. The PebbleBucks app gives you easy access to your Starbucks account information. One key piece, which is the piece that will amaze your barista, is how the PebbleBucks app will display your Starbucks card barcodes. This means you can scan your Pebble to pay for your coffee.

Alternatively, if you cannot get PebbleBucks to properly load, make sure to check out PebbleBucksE. The "E" version is an older build, and should work for those having trouble with PebbleBucks v3.0.1.

Pebble Locker

This app does require a companion app on your device and it also has some in-app purchases available. But more important is what this app offers. As the name may suggest -- Pebble Locker works with the lockscreen on your smartphone and it allows you to set your Pebble as a trusted device. Simply put, when your Pebble is close and connected your smartphone can be unlocked without any additional security such as a PIN. And then when the Pebble is disconnected -- the smartphone will need to be unlocked. Also worth noting, Pebble Locker is only available for Android.

Pebble Notifier

The Pebble Notifier app should be considered a must have for the power user as it allows you to send notifications from any or all of the apps installed on your smartphone. This is another that requires a companion app, and again, we are sorry for leaving out the iOS users, but this one is Android only. Pebble Notifier is simple to use and allows you to choose which apps (of all that are installed on your phone) to have send notifications to your Pebble. And for those looking to bring even more functionality -- Pebble Notifier ties in with Tasker.

Honorable Mention: Pebble Ringer

The Pebble has ultimately changed how we use our smartphone, due in part to the Pebble Notifier app and being able to receive on-wrist notifications for everything we feel is important. Basically, we most often have our smartphone set on silent as our wrist will buzz for any incoming notifications. But despite feeling comfortable with that setup -- there are times we want to adjust our phone from silent, to vibrate, to ring and Pebble Ringer does just that. Once you are in the "Phone Ringer" option on your Pebble you can hit the top right button for normal mode, the middle right button for vibrate and the bottom right button for silent.

We've shared our five favorites, now it is your turn. Head to the comments below and let everyone know the Pebble app/apps you feel are must haves.

Reader comments

Five Pebble apps worth checking out


Those are all great apps! Thanks for the list personally, NavMe and Music Boss have been my most used apps on my pebble. They've been incredibly helpful while driving, walking, and lots of other places.

Posted via Connectedly App

+1 for Pebble locker

I haven't tried Pebble Notifier, because LightFlow lets me get any nonstandard notifications that I need.

RunKeeper is great, but not really a Pebble app. It just uses the sports API, which I wish was a little customizable and displayed the time small on top like apps. Doesn't matter to me though since I use Omate TrueSmart standalone to run. I use Endomondo on TrueSmart because the interface is great for the small display.

Pebble Notifier is no longer supported by the developer and has stopped working with the firmware 2.3. Notify Pebble is a good replacement though.

Posted via Connectedly App

I use notification center. Works ok, but sometimes the notifications get backed up and they all get sent to the Pebble all at once and you get 10+ at the same time.

Is there anything that works just like Pebble Notifier? I like how Pebble Notifier keeps with the system font and the notifications look just like the default ones.

Posted via Connectedly App

PebbleAuth is the app I use the most on my Pebble. Love not having to pull out my phone for 2step authentication for my sites.