Smartwatches have been a rather hot topic in recent weeks. Naturally, that can be credited to the announcement and subsequent release of watches running Android Wear. But while Android Wear may be the shiny and new -- we cannot forget about the model that likely became a first smartwatch for many, the Pebble.

We have to admit we've been flirting with Android Wear since the watches began shipping, but we are far from ready to give up on the Pebble. Along with having a display that is easily readable even in the brightest sunlight, the Pebble also touts a battery life of 5-7 days. Not to mention, there is a large and still growing collection of watch faces. We suspect all Pebble users have their favorites, and as such, we wanted to share the five we happen to be rotating through at the moment (you can find them all by searching the Pebble appstore).

Circuit from Kai H

Offering a geeky looking circuit board appearance, the Circuit watchface shows the time of day, as well as the day of the week, month and date. The Circuit watchface also shows the week number. And nicely, this face also has an icon for the battery status and Bluetooth connection status -- both of which are integrated into the circuit board look.

Big Black and Simple from mereed

As the name suggests -- this watchface is big and simple. But while the creator uses the word simple in the name, that shouldn't be confused with a lack of information. This watchface works equally nice with 12 or 24 hour time, and displays the day of the week and the current date. And similar to the Circuit watchface, Big Black and Simple also has indicators for the battery and Bluetooth connection status. Other settings for Big Black and Simple include the ability to have an hourly vibrate, and a blink on/off.

Studio Clock from Dale Perkel

Studio Clock has good looks, but the key here may be the customization options. Along with an option for light and dark, this watchface offers options for an hourly vibration, the current weather, several date formats, six languages, and a battery status. Of course, the time, day of week and date are also included with a bit of animation in the form of the circular ring.

Alfaslab from rafasinger

Simple and to the point. The Alfaslab watchface offers the time of day in big bold numbers. The month, date and day of the week is also displayed in smaller text across the bottom. This one is a nice option for those who want something simple. Unlike the previous faces we've mentioned, this one doesn't have the fancy extras such as battery and Bluetooth status.

YWeather from David Rodriguez Rincon

Another customizable Pebble watchface. YWeather, as the name suggests -- has the focus on weather. The weather details include options to use GPS or a specific location, and you can also switch between celsius and fahrenheit. YWeather also offers a wide variety of languages, and an option to vibrate on disconnect. Users choosing YWeather will get the day of the week, month and date, current time, and an icon for the battery and Bluetooth status.

And for the honorable mention -- 91 Dub v2.0 from orviwan

The 91 Dub v2.0 watchface brings a now classic look to the Pebble. We've highlighted this face just based on the style alone, however it does also have plenty of information available. Users will get the current time of day, day of week and date as well as status indicators for Bluetooth and battery. This face also has some customization options including the ability to have the colon between the hour and minutes blink, switch between color schemes, vibrate on the hour, and vibrate when the watch disconnects from your phone.

You've seen our five current favorites, and given the amount of available watchfaces for the Pebble -- it seems safe to say not everyone is going to agree. Or in other words, make sure to leave a comment telling us which is your favorite Pebble watchface.