FlickKey keyboard targets round smartwatch screens

FlickKey keyboard built to work with round watches
By Chuong H Nguyen on 30 Jun 2014 02:43 pm

With Google's Android Wear platform supporting traditional square and novel round watch faces, FlickKey is now coming out of the gate with a third-party keyboard that is designed to work fluidly for circular displays. "FlickKey keyboard is the only keyboard that let's users type just what they tell it to type on all touch screen devices, including round screened smartwatches," the company said.

Grouping nearby letters into six larger keys, FlickKey does what it's name implies by allowing users to flick the keys in up to nine directions to choose which character they want to type. The keyboard will work on Google's Android devices as well as on smartwatches, including the Moto 360.

To download the keyboard and test it on your Android device, visit the link below.

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FlickKey keyboard targets round smartwatch screens

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