This stylus is gonna make you Flip!

You know how every stylus says it works just like writing with pencil and paper? But when was the last time you synced your pencil's Bluetooth to your notebook? Or reloaded batteries into your Number 2? Flip brings a new approach to your tablet's stylus.

No batteries. No Bluetooth. No Problems.

The Flip Smart Stylus works with your tablet without needing a Bluetooth connection or even batteries! Instead the stylus was created with rare Earth magnets that work with your device's existing hardware and Flip's hardware algorithms so your device always senses where your stylus is. This same tech will disregard other contact points when you're writing, so you can rest your palm on your screen without smudging your art or notes!

Flip Stylus


The Flip Smart Stylus allows you to write on your iPhone or iPad's screen in a natural, intuitive way.

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Here's a tip

This stylus has a variety of tips available that magnetically connect with Flip. The stylus is intuitive right out the box so if you need to erase, flip the stylus over and your device will know that you're trying to erase, not draw. It works just like the pencil you used as a kid.

You can use the free Flip Note app immediately, but the company is currently expanding its support to many other popular writing apps you may already use. Flip works with iPhone and iPad (sorry Android friends...maybe someday, though) and this Kickstarter campaign has been fully-funded.