Travel smarter with a tech-friendly suitcase

Floatti is attempting to create the perfect suitcase for the connected generation of travellers.

Travelling in style

After watching people fumble their way through security while unloading electronics, forgetting chargers in airport outlets, and juggling bags, purses, and coats, the makers of Floatti decided to create a better way for people to travel with all their belongings while remaining connected. Their suitcases launched as a Kickstarter campaign in spring 2016 and quickly surpassed their funding goal.

First of all, these suitcases look beautiful. Each suitcase is forged from industrial-strength materials and accented with fine, leather trim. The Floatti has a built-in charger that works with smartphones, laptops and tablets, allowing you to easily charge your electronics right from your bag. Your stored electronics can be stowed in a detachable compartment, which is very helpful when you are making your way through the airport's busy security line. A smart scale allows you to check the weight of your suitcase on the Floatti's built-in display, helping you avoid overweight baggage charges. A top-mounted strap allows you to secure jackets or other bags to your suitcase, and the Floati app helps track your bag so you know when it has hit the luggage carousel.

Floatti Check-in

Floatti is available in white, red, and black.

$590.00 (expected retail price)

Floatti is a smart suitcase with stylish design and advanced features like tracking tags, touch-control handle, and optional laptop charging module.

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This is not the first smart suitcase on the market, but it does seem to be one of the most stylish and considerate. Besides merely offering a solution to manage your travel necessities, the Floatti also lends practical support for the essential electronics accompanying you. Available in two sizes in red, ivory, and black, this Kickstarter could be well-worth the investment.