The lamp, simplified.

When our great grandparents first got electricity in their homes, flipping on a light was magic! Flyte brings magic back to your home with their levitating light bulbs.

Bright Ideas

Is it a lamp? Is it art? Is it witchcraft? See it for yourself to decide! Flyte has set the lightbulb free by creating a major conversation piece for any room that it is in. An LED lightbulb floats above a handsome wooden base. Tap the base to turn off and on the light and enjoy the ambient effect as the bulb gently rotates in midair.




Flyte lamps feature a levitating bulb over a wooden base, shining magic into any room.

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Using wireless power transfer and magnetic levitation, Flyte bulbs truly create a magical effect in any room. With a variety of base and bulb finishes Flyte lamps can be customized to many tastes and styles.