Ford Motor Co has launched a new update to its MyFord app. Available since 2012, the app will now be also be available for the Apple Watch and Android Wear smartwatch platforms.

Owners of Ford electric and plug-in hybrid cars like the Ford C-MAX Energi, Ford Focus Electric and Ford Fusion Energi will now get some convenient data and control right from their wrists. Features include being able to get notifications when the battery is fully-charged, checking how much range the current battery can get, locking and unlocking their cars, and pre-conditioning their vehicle cabin. Ford says notifications of fully charged batteries will help owners avoid overrun charges from pay-per-use charging stations, as well as help them be more courteous to other plugin drivers by opening up spots once their cars are charged.

The new App will also give owners a driving score rating by factoring in miles per gallon, distance travelled as well as how efficiently you accelerate and break. It all gets displayed to their wrists or smartphones by using a green leaf scale.