The fitness tracker that looks nothing like a fitness tracker

The main functions of the best fitness trackers with the style of the coolest jewelry; meet the Fossil Q lineup of activity trackers.

Classic style. Modern convenience.

Fossil have taken their heritage style and put it to work for their family of activity trackers. The Q Dreamer and Q Reveler were designed to look like classy bracelets for men and women. Both lines come with interchangeable leather straps which hold a sophisticated sensor hidden within a brushed steel or designer-mottled pendant. The Fossil Q activity trackers will monitor your daily step count and calories and can be programmed to motivate you to participate in daily challenges to improve your fitness.

Fossil Q activity trackers

Q dreamer with stainless steel pendant and black leather strap.


The Fossil Q Dreamer and Fossil Q Reveler are activity trackers designed by Fossil to monitor your daily movements and can connect with a smartphone to provide subtle notifications.

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The Fossil Q activity trackers can be programmed and managed through a companion app on your smartphone. You can even configure these attractive bracelets to notify you when you receive alerts on your phone or notifications from key contacts. The Fossil Q activity tracker satisfies an underserved niche in the fitness/wearables market by providing a truly stylish solution for people who don't want to wear a sporty activity tracker to monitor their daily activities.