Fossil partners with Intel to make wearables

Fossil partners with Intel to make wearables
By Chuong H Nguyen on 5 Sep 2014 06:01 pm

Intel has been aggressively pursuing new markets and forming new partnerships lately. The newest wearables computing partner to sport "Intel Inside" is Fossil, which is teaming up with the chip-maker to bring more wearables to market. Details were not given on what those specific products would be, but Fossil had also previously committed to making Android Wear smartwatches.

Other recent Intel partners include 50 Cent's SMS Audio as well as a luxury bracelet with Opening Ceremony.

How do you think Fossil will fare in the wearable world?

Source: Reuters

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Fossil partners with Intel to make wearables

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Fossil made the MBW-150 and MBW-200 range of anadigi smartwatches for SonyEricsson. They were designed to fail after 2 years of date of manufacture through incorporating an OLED screen that deteriorated with in-air humidity! I should know, because I had three devices. These were NOT cheap watches either. So I won't trust another Fossil product, whether it's made with Intel or not.

Intel should find another partner or they'll get their name stained "Intel inside" except the device screen is dead.