Fotokit Phi is a quadcopter on a smart tether system that can be easily deployed in seconds. Currently seeking project funding on IndieGoGo, the Fotokite looks to cater to the market of people who want aerial photography without needing a drone. The Fotokit works on a smart leash system that allows the user to control its flight with a few simple hand gestures. It features a GoPro mounting system that can automatically activate the GoPro camera. It will be powered by USB-rechargeable battery that will give the Phi about 15 minutes of flying time. It also quickly rolls up and can easily be stored in a backpack or suitcase.

The Fotokite Phi is built for the hobby photographer, the action sports enthusiast, the guerrilla journalist and the gadget aficionado. Thanks to its small size and foldability, you can take the Fotokite Phi anywhere – whether you're hiking in the mountains, going to a festival, visiting an archaeological site or sledding.

There are more than a few videos of drone hobbyist getting their drones attacked or getting into confrontations with individuals who feel drones interfere with their privacy or safety. The Fotokite creators note that the tether makes the Phi less disruptive and socially accepted by allowing everyone to see who is controlling the device.

Unlike conventional drones, any bystander has immediate visual feedback about who is responsible for the Phi, making it a significantly friendlier device.

The Fotokite Phi is expected to ship by March 2016, and will retail around $500. There are still currently some $289 pledge spots available which will get you the Phi at a 42% retail discount.

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