Full app service restored for Chumby smart alarm clock devices

By John Callaham on 2 Jul 2014 11:58 am

After shutting down most of its operations in 2013, the app service for the Chumby connected home alarm clock devices is now fully up and running again, with the owners of those products able to sign up for $3 a month.

Chumby launched several years ago, offering folks a way to have a alarm clock that also doubled as an Internet device. Over 1,000 apps were created specifically for the Chumby devices, but the idea didn't really catch on, as smartphones and tablets started becoming more popular.

Today, Chumby's current owners, Blue Octy, relaunched the app service for the devices, stating, "The new service is a nearly complete rewrite of the original service - it's been brought up to date with newer technologies and made faster and more efficient than ever."

While a $3 a month fee is needed to access most of the service, Chumby device can still access its music sources, alarm clock features and more for free. What do you think of Chumby's resurrection and will owners of the smart alarm clock pay money to get access to those online apps?

Source: Chumby via Engadget

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Full app service restored for Chumby smart alarm clock devices


Holy crap - I didn't know they were being restarted. I remember really wanting one of these things years ago but never pulling the trigger.