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Fund This: Korner, for accessible home security

Fund This: Korner, for accessible home security
By Simon Sage on 3 May 2014 02:19 pm

Korner is a new connected security system that aims to be simple to set up and be highly affordable. Owners place a single-piece tag at the corner of a door in the house, and connect an Ethernet dongle into their router. The door tag will then communicate to the router when a door is opened, closed, or knocked, and send you relevant alerts to your smartphone.

Magnetic security switches aren't especially new, and are being offered in smartphone-friendly packages by the likes of SmartThings, but Korner's solution excels in its affordability and one-piece form factor. Typically entry detection requires a sensor on the door itself and the frame, which isn't always practical. Beyond practicality, the Korner tags are very stylish and mesh seamlessly with doors. Tags are powered by small replaceable batteries that can last 3 years each.

When the alarm is tripped, the fob plugged into your router will let off a siren, and your Android or iOS device will get an alert. From the app, you can forward the alert to a friend or neighbor, or call the police. I'd like to see some integration with IFTTT at some point, so entrance and exit triggers could set off all sorts of actions, but baby steps for now.


Korner's pricing is especially impressive for their Indiegogo campaign, which will give you 3 tags and the fob for $100. Once the campaign's over, they'll only cost $59, but there will be a $39 annual service subscription fee. Service for life on a product like this could be really valuable, especially if safety is a big concern for you. For those that are feeling generous, you can buy a Korner set for a women's shelter for $79.

Anybody interested can sign up on their Indiegogo page. Do you guys feel comfortable with your current home security set-up? Which apps or accessories do you use?

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Fund This: Korner, for accessible home security


Do you people even read?? The subscription price is $39 PER YEAR!!!!!

You folks are the freakin cheapest SOBs I've ever seen!!!

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Sorry but for 40 bucks a month You can now get a full on monitored security system, OK so you pay 3 to 4 hundred bucks for the system but its professionally monitored maintained and has external alarm system.
I honestly thought this would be a nice clean easy and simple no frills no fees solution, I guess even the simple ideas have to come with an over priced over rated monthly subscription. Seriously what are you paying them for when its your batteries, your system, your network, your smartphone and mobile contract doing all the work...

This is actually fascinating. Except for the whole "what happens when the power goes out" situation. I do like the idea of donating to a women's shelter/woman in need, except again for the power going out issue, and the issue of "can she afford the bill every month/year if I don't pay for the kickstarter to include it, and will she be able to afford the electric bill, cell bill, iPhone/droid etc. she needs to run it?"

I think the subscription will hold people back. If I'd be somewhat rich, I can afford a more complex security system with more functionalities. So this product is aimed at an other group of people, who spend less on security. Even though I think the campaign price if very reasonable, I believe that should always be an option. I'd prefer this: Buy it for 50 dollars for a year and the option to take a subscription to keep it working, or buy it for 150 dollars and service for life. Something like that would work better and attract more people. I don't believe I need it, so I would take the first option, just to try new technology. A treat.

My only issue with this and some other security systems is that it relies on a wired connection to work. Someone cuts the phone line going into my house, and my internet goes away...along with any protection I had. This is common knowledge among burglars. I am considering simplisafe, because their product uses a cellular connection.

Well, this sounds really good but i would like to see a successful implementation first. the sensors sending smart alerts to your phone sounds good but it would really be cool if the smart sensors work in a manner that the alerts work only for unrecognised individuals. what i would suggest is adding an extra face recognition camera (optional, of course) to this which can identify people and even if you are in the house and it is activated sends you alerts only for such people since i think that at this point of time it would work well only if you are out of the house.

If I wanted mere supervision, I would get Z-Wave wireless contacts instead and have alarms emailed to me. For actual security, use a proper UL rated panel. The unit I use is a proper monitored panel with Z-Wave antenna (for once I actually begin installing light switches, sensors, et al)

I thought this was awesome, until I saw the monthly subscription. What is the point of there being a subscription? I mean seriously? It could be a free service, it's not like there will be a massive server-side power needed. Xbox live is understandable, but that is just plain ridiculous.

I'm not fond of the subscription either, but wanted to point out that it's $39 per YEAR, not monthly so it works out to $3.25 per month.

Boy, how many ethernet ports are we going to need on our routers? Somebody should come out with a router with 50 ports so I can get all of these great toys / tools.

I would like to see some kind of video attached to the sensors. If a sensor is triggered a camera could be activated to set images to your device. For a subscription fee the alert and image could be sent to police or security service.

I like the idea, but they need some additional options like motion-detection dongles or something. I'd like to be warned if someone is shimmying through the window with something laid over the broken glass.

This is a great concept. I wonder if they'll develop a central "controller" type pad/device to also have another option for interacting with the system, and one that would remain in the home. Also, as the community has been discussing in the comments section of the recent Sonos post, having this integrate into a Sonos or other home audio system could be very useful. Likely much more useful for some than the fob emitting some "loud" annoying tone, since there may be others like me who keep their router and other hub devices out of sight in the basement...

Another great post on Connectedly.

Subscription kills it for me. Looks really nice, but I can get the same functionality with ninja blocks, or another solution, control everything myself, and not have to worry about a subscription.

I didn't see anything about alerting you of a knock on their indiegogo page, only intrusion alert if that door/window is armed. Did I miss it?

Uh, genius. I'm trying to decide what type of security system to install. This might be part of my solution. At least until I realized there was an annual fee.

Subscription will be only after the crowd funding is over.. No subscription for funders.. which is a nice benefit..

The subscription is actually cheep.. many home security systems charge $10/mo or more.. I don't think it's out of the realm of reasonable.. I like the fact the fobs have replaceable battery.. they could have gone the route of forcing you to replace them.. that would have been more of a detractor for me than a subscription..

I wouldn't totally put the safety of my house and family on the Korner and my router but it could serve as a secondary system, and I agree with rizzo, the subscription ruins the deal.

Wishing them all the luck.

The subscription should be optional, with premium features. Maybe non subscribers can only get alerts and nothing else. But premium users with a subscription can inform circles or the police and maybe a few other nifty features. Or better -- no subscription at all.

I agree. The annual fee should be optional. What happens when a year from now they go under? Does the product become non functional?