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Galaxy Gear firmware update finally comes to the US

By Adam Zeis on 19 Dec 2013 12:52 pm

Many Galaxy Gear users in the US has been clamoring to get the latest firmware update for their watches and today it has finally arrived. The update is available now and brings along enhanced notifications for apps, better battery life and improved range. It’s a great update for Gear users but there is still a way to go to make it a “great” device.

Changes include:

  • Improved range and connection: Samsung says the Gear can now stray a little farther from the phone before losing its connection. That’s good — it felt pretty short before. The automatic connection feature has been improved as well.
  • Improved battery life. Again, that addresses one of the chief complaints about the Gear. We’ll have to see how much longer it lasts.
  • S Voice search should be faster.
  • “Your Gear’s performance has been improved and its features have been enhanced.” 

You should be able to update your Gear through the app on your device, but if you’re having issues you may have to try your luck with Samsung KIES via USB.

Reader comments

Galaxy Gear firmware update finally comes to the US


I got the watch for christmas and updated the app a day or so later. I also had an update yesterday but dont see anything that was changed.

Nice to see that they have improved the Battery life, the people I know that own this device that is their chief complaint.

Personally I never had any issues with the battery life, bt connectivity, etc. but I have noticed that since the latest update download (yesterday) I'm not getting facebook notifications. Am I the only one with these issues?