Garmin Approach S6 improves your golf swing while keeping you productive

Garmin Approach S6 brings a connected training experience to your golf game.
By Chuong H Nguyen on 19 Jun 2014 04:29 pm

The Garmin Approach S6 is Garmin's latest connected accessory for golfers, melding productive features from a smartwatch with connected sensors to improve your swing while on the course. Unlike many other connected golfing accessories on the market, the Approach S6 is a $400 wristwatch that blends sports and productivity together into one piece of technology.

With the Approach S6, you'll get a touchscreen display, GPS, and an array of sensors to track your swing as you move across the golf course. The watch has access to maps for over 30,000 international courses that you can view on the high resolution touchscreen that will be able to work with gloves on.

Additionally, the Approach S6 could measure your SwingTempo, TempoTraining, and SwingStrength, provide you with full CourseView color maps, give you blind shot assistance with PinPointer, and more. If you're a competitive golfer, the watch can also keep score.

Garmin Approach S6 can deliver notifications to your watch as well.

Impressively, in full GPS mode, you can get 10 hours of battery life or up to 14 weeks on a single charge in watch mode. Pair the device to an iPhone 4S or later and you get notifications for missed calls, texts, and emails. Android compatibility will arrive later.

Are you ready to ditch your golf instructor or trainer for Garmin's Approach S6? Unlike a professional trainer, however, the Approach S6 will actually deliver those pesky work calls and emails to your wrist. So much for escaping the office.

Source: Garmin via Wired

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Garmin Approach S6 improves your golf swing while keeping you productive

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