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Jeff Goldblum shows how the GE Link smart bulb can turn anyone into a celebrity

A few months ago, GE announced plans to sell a new series of smart light bulbs, the GE Link. that can be controlled by the Wink hub and smartphone app. Now that the company is actually selling the GE Link bulbs, it has also started its marketing campaign, and it will apparently be very weird...
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The best smart lights and Wi-Fi bulbs for your home

One of the easiest ways for to jump into the connected home space is with some awesome connected lighting. Smart lights are simply bulbs (and usually a bridge or hub) that replaces your standard light bulbs and offer more functionality — namely being able to control them from your smartphone or...
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GE to sell Link LED lightbulbs controlled by Wink app

General Electric has announced plans to sell a new family of LED lightbulbs, the Link, that can be controlled remotely anywhere in the world by the new Wink app as part of their connected home efforts. Combined with the app, GE states, "Link eliminates the need for expensive add-ons typically...