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Pricing revealed for Samsung's new Gear devices

By Adam Zeis on 5 Mar 2014 09:52 am

While pretty much everyone was hoping that Samsung's new Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit would be more affordable at launch than the $300+ Galaxy Gear, it looks like that may not be the case. SamMobile is saying that the Gear 2 Neo and Gear fit will ring in at €199 while the Gear 2 will be €299. The prices are said to be in the same ballpark for the US as well at $199 and $299 respectively.

One of the setbacks for the original Galaxy Gear (aside from only working with a handful of devices) was the high price tag, so if the Gear 2 is priced at the top of the range from the get-go, it could suffer lackluster sales right from the start. If the prices are correct, the Gear 2 will be on the high end of the scale with the likes of the Qualcomm Toq and Pebble Steel — both of which now sell for $249. 

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Pricing revealed for Samsung's new Gear devices


Ignoring the fact that it wouldn't work with any of my devices, I think its too high. I rather like the simplicity of the Pebbles user experience, it does what I need it too. And with the steel looking as good as it does, I couldn't see myself choosing this over that.


If it only works with Samsung devices, it should cost *less* than other watches. They want me to pay more for a phone (the Nexus is $350), and to then spend more on a watch? Right...

Edit: If it worked like it does rooted, as in like an actual phone, then it *might* be worth the cost.

Until (if ever) they open them up to other devices I will not be interested. I will not buy a $300 device that dictates which smartphone I have to buy in the future.

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Ha, well I for one will be like white on Rice on that gear fit. Good price range and the only thing missing is the camera compared to the other ones.

Price or not, I don't find myself interested in the other ones. Fit gives me the best of both worlds.

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I'm gonna get the Neo. I think that 199.99 is fair for what you are getting.

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I agree with you. $199 is just about right for this type of product. I will be picking one up on the day they get released.

Definitely priced too high. Who is going to spend an extra $100 on the Gear just to get a camera? I think some folks will spring for the Gear fit - but as long as they are only compatible with Samsung phones they won't have much success.

If they were open to all devices, maybe. But locked to specific Samsung devices? No.

Too, too expensive.

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I would be willing to pay the price if it was working perfectly with my Nexus 5. Since it is not, I'm out. Simple as that, Sammy.

Samsung doesn't get it do they? I'd pay $150 for the Fit, $199 for the Neo and $249 max for the Gear 2. And then only if they worked with non-Samsung Android devices.

I didn't expect it to be cheaper, but I'm looking toward the Pebble Steel anyway so it will work with ALL my devices. ;)

Samsung is not a dumb company they did the research and felt they were happy with the results of the original gear and decided that was the price point for gear 2. also they are giving a choice for the neo and fit that will be cheaper. I am sure they did the studies and feel comfortable with the pricing decision. They don't expect to sell it to anyone outside the samsung family. No different then what Apple is going to do if they ever release the I watch.

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I don't understand the issue as to why people are griping. If the price was cheaper would you guys really have a reason to go with a gear 2 vs. A different Co?

If the fit didn't exist, it wouldn't matter what price point they had. I would have purchased the Pebble. The gear and gear 2 just doesn't do it for me. It should be fairly easy to move on from there. Their pricing is their pricing. I came from blackberry to Samsung products so I should know what is paying for what you want.

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Thus why I will be purchasing a martian notifier, price means a lot to mean.

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I think that Samsung has priced gear Fit and Neo rather well, at $199 you get a lot technology that's currently unmatched by any competitor. As for the gear 2 I wouldn't pay the premium $299 just to have the camera, so my guess is they will have to lower the price few months into sales. I am definitely buying gear 2 Neo...

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What a fail...only a select few are willing to pay more than 150 for a smartwatch. I have a Samsung now but no telling if I will switch to a HTC one or nexus 6 when they release. The gear won't work with those either so F that...

If the gear 2 neo came out at 200 when the gear 1 came out I would of jumped all over it, but it didn't. Oh well, my pebble is doing just fine.

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All this complaining about price makes no sense to me.

If Samsung listened to most of the people on these forums they'd be nearly out of business. People on here complain bitterly about their UI, material choices, and prices. Most on here scream and write about how they will never buy their products and blah, blah, blah.

Yet Samsung ignores us all and keeps to their proven strategy and goes about selling products by the millions. A feet many other OEM'S would love to mimic. Unlike most OEM's, Samsung is not marketing to the naysayers on these tech sites, but rather the everyday Jane and Joe consumer.

Samsung figured out that if you can market and sell 200+ million phones, unlike Pebble, Sony, and other smartwatch makers, then you already have a built in market for your smartwatch and you don't need to make it available to all of Android.

Apple knows this all too well, and stands the reason their smartwatch will likely not work on Android or Windows Phone, and be locked only to their devices as well.

So while many people on this forum won't pay $300 for a smartwatch that only works with Samsung devices, if they can sell a mere 10% of their total device sales then they'll walk away 20 million buyers, and that's probably more sales than all the smartwatch OEM'S combined.

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