If there is one thing I enjoy on my smartwatches, it is the ability to change the face. It has morphed into a kind of daily obsession of what to load and wear next on my wrist. Being able to change the style is not a difficult task and we've covered how to accomplish it on the Galaxy Gear with a third party application called Watch Styler. It allows you to customize all of the elements yourself.

This in turn prompted some talented individuals out there, who have designed some pretty stunning ones, to launch a website devoted entirely to these custom watch faces called GearFaces.com. 

Created by a few skilled individuals over at XDA, they created their own website dedicated to showcasing the best watch faces for your Galaxy Gear. All faces are downloaded to your device and loaded by using Watch Styler. If you go through the selections, they put a lot of hard work and effort into populating it with eclectic styles and designs suitable for everyone. The best part is, the entire process can be done right on your smartphone.

All that is required is following these basic steps or the video above and you will be enjoying those watch faces in no time.

  • Open Watch Styler 
  • Create a new theme, choose analog, and enter in a name. You can use the name of the face you will download from the site. The important thing to remember is that you are creating a blank template or random theme. Settings should remain untouched and you do not have to customize any of the elements shown  
  • Once the theme is created and named, keep hitting next on all of the options 
  • Tap Save 
  • From your browser, go to GearFaces and download your selected watch face
  • Go into My Files from the apps screen and locate the zip file that was downloaded
  • Unzip the file 
  • From the extracted folder select all of the items (there should be four) and move them into the following directory on Device Memory: Android > Data > com.omnitel.appcessory.gear.watchstyler.manager > Theme folder
  • Go into the folder named after the template you created in Watch Styler and Paste the unzipped contents, overwriting all them in the process
  • Return to your home screen and launch Gear Manager 
  • Select Clocks
  • Scroll down to and select Watch Styler and tap on Settings
  • Choose the watch face you just installed and apply 
  • Enjoy your new face!

There is a wide selection of faces currently posted and the numbers will continue to grow. There are so many to choose from and not enough slots in Watch Styler to hold them. It offers digital and analog styles as well as ones that combine both so there is certainly enough to keep you busy and show off that lovely Galaxy Gear display. 

So why not head on over to their site and find your perfect watch face? The possibilities are endless.

Browse and download watch faces at GearFaces