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Geeksphone inserting self into wearables market with sex tracking bracelet

Geeksphone Wearable
By Rich Edmonds on 19 Feb 2015 10:09 am

Geeksphone is looking to break into the fitness wearable market with a new product. There's a slight twist, however, as the Spanish company has teased a bracelet called GeeksMe, which will double as a sex performance monitor. We kid you not. You'll not only be able to measure general fitness, but also how well you perform under the sheets.

Informing TechCrunch, the tracker will have a circular, monochrome OLED display with 12 LEDs situated around the face. It's currently in development, but Geeksphone is hoping to ship the device out before the summer holidays. As well as measuring bed time performance, common fitness tracker features like step counting, calories burned and distance traversed will also be present.

On top of all that, the device will show incoming smartphone messages and call notifications, perfect for when you're pre-occupied with improving your game and don't wish to pull out. It's an interesting concept, though we never would have thought a feature like sex performance monitoring would be desirable in a wearable.


It's a slight downer as the tracker will fail to have any cool sensors to monitor bedroom-based teamwork activities.You'll need to manually activate the sex tracking mode, which could prove to be a mood killer should your partner have to wait for you to pair up with your bracelet. Geeksphone's Ángel Sánchez Díaz, director of innovation, explained the tracking feature:

"It's not based on heart rate. But it will have a special mode (similar to sleep mode) that once it's activated will measure things like number of times a day/week, duration, calories burned, and other very useful information based on different algorithms we are developing. It will help users to have a healthier lifestyle, monitoring different values and statistics when practicing sex."

The strange doesn't end there. Geeksphone also plans to include an environmental monitor to see just how much of an impact you're having on the planet. We're looking at a standard wearable with some unique functionality to really offer some new ways to interact with technology. No word on pricing just yet, though we can see Geeksphone attempting to undercut various products available today.

Source: TechCrunch

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Geeksphone inserting self into wearables market with sex tracking bracelet

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Does it provide motivation feedback as well?

"Atta boy! Hang in there! Uhh, slow down buddy. Woah don't forget to breath. Why are you making that face? Whoops, better luck next time..."