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Get the original Galaxy Gear for just $99 today only

By Adam Zeis on 8 May 2014 01:22 pm

If you're feeling nostalgic and in the mood for a binge purchase, you can snag the original Galaxy Gear for just $99 today thanks to eBay deals. As you well know, the Galaxy Gear has now been replaced with the updated Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo, but the price is low enough that it just might persuade some prospective buyers.

The Galaxy Gear is still a nice little device if you're a Samsung phone owner, but even at $99 it's a bit of a stretch to say this is a good buy. The Gear 2 is much nicer with an updated band, redesigned hardware and Tizen at the core. But if you're so inclined, you can head to the link below to grab one before the day is out.

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Get the original Galaxy Gear for just $99 today only


I *LOVE* my original gear. Works even better with my S5 than my S4. Couldn't justify spending another $300 for the Gear2.

The battery life seems much improved paired with my S5, and I receive all of the notifications I need. Is the Gear2 a more superior product? Absolutely. Am I happy with my Gear1? Couldn't be happier.

My next SmartWatch purchase will be AndroidWear compatible. Can't wait until more details on the Moto360 come out.

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saw them on woot shortly after the Gear 2 was announced. they were tempting at $150 or so. $99 might be the right price for this toy....

Even though these weren't "huge sellers" I have a nike+ gps watch and the kids where I teach always ask if it's one of those Samsung smart watches, so Samsung has people knowing about this product, even if it isn't that great.

If I had a Samsung phone I'd definitely try out the Gear - as I'd love to speak replies to texts about the only thing I wish my Pebble could do)

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Even at this price, I'm just not interested by this watch. It's big, ugly, and tied to Samsung. That kills it for me.

Comparing to other brands' smartwatch, I could say that the original Gear at this price is the best choice but only for those who have Galaxy smartphone -_-.
If only I could just use my Windows Phone with it, I'll have no hesitation.
(Just want to use only Bluetooth connection to let it rings for phone call)

Still not the right price on this for me. Thought this thing was ugly when it was first shown and still do.

This was tempting, having always wanted to pick one up. I ended up going with an original Pebble, and have been so happy with it that even at this great price I couldn't bring myself to do it.

I think you made a good choice because you can use Pebble with 2 platforms (just in case you're switching or you you suddenly switched from Android to iOS or the other way around.)

Agreed! I also use it with my BB Z30, something I couldn't do with the Gear (although I do have an S4 I could use it with).

I think the Pebble will keep me occupied until the next gen wearable devices hit.

So you can't use Gear to BB10 thru sideloading? I think I should really get Pebble to instead of other smartwatches available. Pebble still owns my heart. And I want it paired on my Q10.

Seems some folks have been able to it to work (somewhat) with BB10, but you have to flash a new rom on the Gear.

Given what I can get out of my Pebble using Talk2Watch on my Z30, I'm pretty satisfied.

$100 for something that is not even a year old yet and retailed for $300 seems like a great buy for someone who wants to tinker with a wearable...if they have a Samsung phone.

They'd sell like crazy if Samsung opened up the compatibility a bit.