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Get Ready For It: Smartwatch Fans is expanding... and rebranding!

Logo Sneak Peak!
By CrackBerry Kevin on 11 Apr 2014 01:23 pm

When we Welcomed Smartwatch Fans to the Mobile Nations family on January 1st of this year, we told the story of how the site came to be. In reality, we actually started 2013 with the goal of building a community and resource with a broader focus, covering not only smartwatches, but also other wearables and the broader world of connected devices often referred to as the internet of things.

The problem was, we couldn't find a domain name and brand that we loved. With the months rushing by and 2013 coming to a close and the urge to get a new community launched just as strong, we decided to not delay and get things rocking with the more niche-focused Smartwatch Fans. It's been a busy four months on Smartwatch Fans, and things are about to get a whole lot busier and way more fun.

We FINALLY have a name and brand we love for the destination we've been wanting to build, and later this month we'll pull the trigger on the change. We're going to keep the name a secret for now, but above you can gander at the awesome logo for the rebrand. Starting immediately, we'll begin ramping up the coverage on Smartwatch Fans to include more topics like connected fitness, connected home, connected automotive, connected toys and more. In fact, we've already expanded the discussion and help forums to cover this new range of topics, so the community participation can begin immediately.

We're going to keep the name a secret for now, but above you can gander at the awesome logo for the rebrand

We have big plans for where we're taking the new community. We're now living in the post-smartphone era. It's no longer a dream that every phone will be a smartphone - it's a certainty. And whether you're an Android, iOS, Windows Phone or BlackBerry user when it comes to your smartphone, this new site will become your preferred destination when it comes to all the things you can connect your smartphone to. Beyond our regular Mobile Nations personalities dropping by to contribute on the new site, expect to see a lot more new faces join in on the fun as we add to our passionate team of experts throughout 2014.

Guess our new name and win a Sonos Play:1!

You'll want to keep it locked to for the rebrand to kick in, but in the meantime and in true Mobile Nations fashion here's a chance to win an awesome prize. Leave a comment to this post taking a guess at what the new name will be. The first person who guesses right will win a Sonos Play:1 (and Sonos Bridge of course) the day we officially announce the new name.

Logo Sneak Peek!

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Get Ready For It: Smartwatch Fans is expanding... and rebranding!


The only reason I came to this site was to get info on new smart watches and updates to current ones. With all the added news items that don't concern me, I'll now be looking elsewhere.

Posted via the Android Smartwatch Fans App!

Here are my guesses:

Can't wait to see the site!

It would be almost impossible to guess this. Most of the guess I have seen are fairly obvious ones and from the article it seems like whatever was chosen wasn't obvious.

My guess: LinkedLife, because everything will be linked together by the internet of things leading to everything being connection.


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MobileWearableNations, WearableMobileNations, SmartWatchNation, SmartNationWearable, WearablesforAddicts, AllThingsWearable, AllThingsSmartwatch, AllSmartwatchThings

I am not pleased with the change. There is an old adage K.I.S.S. Keep it simple stupid. By expanding, which all of us have noticed, navigation is more complicated and unnecessarily so. The site looks like whoever is developing it has a severe case of ADHD.

Posted via the Android Smartwatch Fans App!

I doubt this is right but I thought it was catchy enough to share.

Posted via the Android Smartwatch Fans App!

I think it's time a new word is coined. Let's see for something that embodies bringing all connected things to one place. Zeised. "Hey, man how's it going? Are you Zeised yet? Is your HVAC Zeised yet? Is that one of those new Zeised watches? I just Zeised my fitness program I feel Zeised great!"
Send the cheque next week, Okay Adam?

Connected Crap....
Or more seriously, connected smart.

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Even though it has already been suggested if I look at the animated avatar long enough it looks like it morphs into a LC or CL, so I think there is a high degree of probability that Connected Life or Life Connected could be the theme they are trying to project.

Connected Central

Posted via Magical Leprechaun's who power a Nexus 4. N'oublions jamais l'Australie, Villers-Bretonneux.

Over an hour of research and the closest I can work out is that the new name was registered on 3rd April, begins with a N and ends with a G. :(

Dammit... Connected Life was going to be my guess... I'm about 9 posts to late :(

Posted via the Android Smartwatch Fans App...that was installed via Snap on my Z10 while waiting for the native app to be released!

I was about to delete my smartwatchfans bookmark. For being a smartwatch specific news site, I'm finding more useful and breaking information about smartwatchs etc. in other places. I'll hang around a little longer and see what comes.

I'd totally agree with that guess.  Makes sense!

With that flashing logo all I could think of was Epileptic Seizure Life.  ;)