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Getting started with the Pebble on Android

By Alicia Erlich on 4 Jan 2014 03:22 pm

Whether you received a Pebble as a gift or picked up one for yourself, welcome to the world of wearable tech. The important question is — now that you have it — what do you do next?

There are endless possibilities thanks to third party applications and watch face generators. Once you take that smartwatch out of the box, there are a few small things though that need to be completed first such as pairing with your device, personalizing your watch face, adjusting the settings, and maybe even picking up an accessory or two.

So sit back and read through some of these basics to help you get started with your new Pebble watch and your Android phone.

Setting Up

When you first take the Pebble out of the box it should have enough of a charge to pair to your device. However, you can charge your smartwach by connecting the charge cable to a USB port on your computer or a USB wall adapter and then place the magnetic end to the Pebble.

To turn on the Pebble simply press and hold any button for two seconds. When turning on for the first time the screen should prompt you to install and run the Pebble App on your device which you can download below. 

Once installed, navigate to the Pebble icon and tap on the Get Started button. If Bluetooth is not enabled, a prompt appears to turn on. When it discovers your Pebble, a dialog box will will ask you to pair and confirm the password on both devices. 

Tap the corresponding button on your Android and on your watch to complete the pairing process. It offers a demo screen but you can just tap on next. The screen that follows is either a notification that a firmware update is available to install or the getting started screen. After that process is complete you are all good to go.

Setting up notifications

Using the Pebble application on your device, users may set which notifications are forwarded to it. These are notifications available through the Pebble app though for additional support a third party app is required which we will discuss later. 

  • Launch the Pebble app
  • Tap on the gear in the upper right hand corner
  • Tap on Notifications

From this menu tick off the boxes next to each of the categories / options you wish to display on the Pebble. Please note that for some you may need to grant permission or sign in such as Gmail or Facebook. For those who would like to control their music from the pebble and have multiple players installed, simply go back into settings and under the music option tick off which player should be the default.


Now that you’re up and running and enjoying the many perks of having instant access to your notifications on your wrist, it’s time to make that watch yours. Have a favorite show, movie or just want to switch from the standard date and time? 

The pebble has eight available memory slots to fill. There are quite a few sites with which you can install faces created by other users or ones that allow you to design and model your own. Be sure to check them out below and show off some of your artwork on our Twitter or Instagram pages with the tags #smartwatch and #pebble. You can even download the official Smartwatch Fans watch face

Faces are downloaded and installed on your device using the Pebble application. While you can remove from the pebble itself, faces are also managed by tapping on the pebble icon in the upper left of the application and selecting Watch Apps. Below are a few sites to help get you on your way no matter which platform you are currently using.

Quick Tip: If you want to switch between 12/24 hour time (and the watch face is compatible), from your Pebble go into Settings>Date and Time>Time Display to toggle between the two.


As mentioned above, using the available memory slots you can add some faces or Watch Apps (i.e. Glance) to your Pebble. There are third party applications that not only give access to even more watch face choices but also bring added functionality. Some allow you to turn your Pebble into a stopwatch or an interactive calendar, view stocks and weather, control the remote capture of photos, or send notifications not currently supported in the Pebble app. 


Believe it or not there are already some great accessories available to purchase that are perfect for personalizing, decorating, protecting or charging your Pebble. While third party applications currently exist in Google Play that offer quick access to some of these, there is a plethora available as well in other outlets as shown below for all Pebble owners.


Spruce up your pebble with a fresh new look with custom skins. Whether it be trying a new color or pattern or simply protecting the screen these are sure to stand out. 


As someone who owned a cradle or dock for every device owned, this is certainly one gadget owners would love. Normally I leave it to charge on the desk by my computer. With these items, they rest comfortably in a sleek design while also keeping your charge cable in place without fear of disconnecting, though, vary by price and availability.


Is your band not stylish enough or looking kind of worn? The pebble uses a standard size (22mm) watchband that is replaceable and you can find some replacement bands at the links below.

The pebble is an amazing tool and these are just a few things to help get you started. Keep it locked to Smartwatch Fans and we will be bringing you more tips, tricks, and other great stuff. 

Did we leave anything out? Join in the conversation by visiting the forums or in the comments below. 

Reader comments

Getting started with the Pebble on Android


Where were you when I bought my Pebble a few weeks ago, Alicia.... Actually, my Pebble was easy to set up and pair with my S4. I can't wait to see new apps for it.

A few weeks ago I was setting up mine but didn't have an Android device yet. I'm looking forward to new apps and their store too.

Main app works fine, but some of the 3rd party apps are a mixed bag, some require google services and thus do not work, or do not work fully.

Anyone else having trouble with adding Glance? I'm using the 2.0b4 firmware, and when I try to install Glance from the Pebble app, it hangs on "Downloading bundle."

Im back at completely stock with no apps on my Pebble as every time I try to add either Glance or Pebble Notifier i end up with a load of duplicate notifications. Some guidance as to the purpose of each setting in the Pebble App would be great so that I can work out what to turn on and off to set these things up correctly. Other than that its ace! In the gym phone in my bag, Motorola S11 HD headphones and music controlled from the Pebble is no wires heaven.