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Getting started with the Pebble on iPhone

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By Jared DiPane on 17 Jan 2014 03:27 pm

If you're a new Pebble owner, you may be wondering — now that you have this newfangled technology strapped to your wrist — what else it can do besides just show you who is texting or calling you?

Well luckily for us these little devices have a big world of possibilities and once set up, the Pebble can become a great tool for you. The ability to leave your smartphone in your pocket and to carry on with things and still be in the know will prove priceless quickly, but first you have to get it set up to do all that.

Let’s take a look through the process of setting the Pebble up with your iOS device — changing notification preferences, and much, much more.

Getting Started

Initial Set up

Pulling the Pebble out of the box for the first time is an amazing feeling, but the first thing you will want to do with the device is get it charged up. Pebble supplies a unique charging cable that plugs into a USB port or wall brick for charging, and while the device has a small charge out of the box, you will want a full charge to continue playing with it. The charger is magnetic and you simply place the end of the cord on the contacts on the Pebble and charging will begin.

Once you have it all charged up the fun can begin, and that starts with pairing the Pebble to your iOS device. The first thing you will want to do is download the Pebble application to your iPhone, and then enable Bluetooth.


Pushing any of the buttons on the Pebble for about 2 seconds will turn the device on, and when started for the first time you will see a prompt on the Pebble which notifies you to run the application on your phone. From here you will launch the application and click on the ‘Get Started’ icon. Your iPhone will now begin searching via Bluetooth for the Pebble, and once it is found you will be notified on the Pebble and smartphone to pair them. Both devices will show a code so be sure that they match and if they do then tap accept for the two to be paired.

After allowing the Bluetooth connection to take place, a second pop up will occur asking for you to pair the device again and you will want to accept. If you check your Bluetooth settings you will notice that Pebble will show up twice, and that is what you want. The device will show up as Pebble XXXX once, and Pebble-LE XXXX as the second connection. If you disconnect either of those then it will not properly function and you are likely not to get any notifications.




Thanks to one of the recent updates from Pebble, managing notifications on iOS is an extremely easy process. For those who are on iOS 7 and have updated their Pebble to the latest OS, all of your notification settings will take place through Notification Center in your devices settings.

If you head into the Notification Center settings on your device and select an application you will notice that applications are able to be toggled on/off for showing them in the Notification Center. For any application that you wish to have notifications pushed to your Pebble, you will need to make sure that the setting is enabled to show the notifications in Notification Center, otherwise you will not receive any notifications for that application.

Many apps when they are installed default to showing in Notification Center, so unless you have turned that off you will already be good to go. Some applications will require a bit more in terms of set up. For example Gmail, Facebook, Snapchat and a few others require that you have either the icon badges turned on or have the notifications set to make a sound. Other than this the set up is extremely easy, and turning off any notification is as easy as turning it off in the Notification Center settings of your iOS device.



Thanks to some really awesome developers that are a bunch of amazing iOS applications that help you take your Pebble to the next level. Whether you are looking to change the design of your watchface, get directions on the go, use your Pebble to snap a picture or something else, there is likely a great application available to download right on your device.

Here are some great apps to help you get started:

If there is something that you wished your Pebble could do, it is possible that it may already so be sure to search the App Store for even more great uses for your Pebble.




So now you've got your new Pebble all set up and you have some extra stuff on it to make it function a bit better for you, but you are still using the same watchface as everyone else? One of the many awesome features about the Pebble is that there are tons and tons of custom watchfaces that you can quickly and easily install to give the device a bit more personality.

There are several websites available along with the iOS apps that allow you to make and download fully customized watchfaces. You could literally spend hours searching — and you probably will — but the first watchface that you install should be our very own official Smartwatch Fans face. Be sure to check your favorite social networks (all of which you already follow us on, right?) and search around for what others are using to see what you think may fit your needs the best.

Once you find a watchface you want you will tap on the install link, select to Open in Pebble and it will open the Pebble application on your device. You will need to confirm the installation of the watchface as it detects that it is from an outside source and then it will appear right on your wrist. Scroll through the faces and find that new one and that is all there is to it.

Unfortunately the Pebble devices only hold 8 apps / watchfaces so if you get a bit too crazy with it you can easily uninstall them right through the mobile app. To do this, simply launch the application then select the wrench icon which will bring you to the settings. From here you click Select Watchfaces and you are able to either move them to the device or delete them, depending on which action you wish to perform.

Quick tip - You may notice that some of your watchfaces are showing 24 hour time instead of the 12 hour that you may be used to. Changing this is simple and all you will want to do is (from your Pebble) head into the Settings, then Date and Time, and then toggle between the 12 and 24 hour options.


Accessories and more

Customizing your Pebble goes way beyond downloading apps and installing different watchfaces. Lucky for us Pebble has made use of a standard 22mm watchband size for the device, so the bands can easily be changed. Whether you want a cloth, leather, metal or some other crazy type of watchband, within minutes you can have just that. In addition they have used the standard sprints to hold the bands in place, so if you break or lose one they are replaceable as well.

Beyond the bands there are a bunch of manufacturers out there making custom skins that you can stick on top of the Pebble to change the appearance, and some are making screen protectors to help keep it in tip-top shape.

The first few times using the charger you may notice that it is a bit odd and putting it down wrong can disconnect it, so some folks have took the time to create docks for the device. With these docks you can easily set your Pebble in a safe place to charge and not have to worry about any of that disconnect.

Keep in mind this is all just a small little bit of what the Pebble is really capable of. Once you get it all set up to your liking be sure to cruise our forums to see how others are making use of their Pebble, and share your story as well.

With Pebble releasing OS 2.0 and their own App Store soon things will get even more interesting, so be sure to keep it locked to Smartwatch Fans for all your Pebble needs.

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Getting started with the Pebble on iPhone


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