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Give your Pebble a new look with a SlickWrap

By Jerry Hildenbrand on 10 Feb 2014 05:20 pm

I love my Pebble. Now, after putting this brushed steel  SlickWrap on it, I love it even more. It only took about 10 minutes — including cleaning the gunk off — to install, and it was really easy. And it doesn't seem like an afterthought. The decals are precision cut, fit exactly how they need to fit, and feel like they are going to stay in place. 

Read on, Pebblers!

Brushed Steel SlickWrap for the Pebble

Everything you need is included

Pebble SlickWrap

Everything you need to get your new look is included. Just find a well-lit and quiet place to sit down and get started. Use the included cleaning cloth to get the gunk off your Pebble's face and buttons, position the bottom of the body wrap, and the hard part is finished. There's even a set of screen protectors included, which look pretty crystal-clear to my eyes after installing. Not bad for just $8.95.

I wasn't kidding when I said it was easy. With 30 years of playing steel-string guitar and working with hot soldering equipment under my belt, my fingertips are stiff and hard. Sometimes, a task like putting on a screen protector is a bit difficult. But the SlickWrap went on my Pebble easy as pie. Line up the bottom, and you peel away the backing while putting the full-body skin in place. When you've got the bottom started and aligned, put the screen protector on. Then just keep wrapping the skin up towards the top. 

Pebble Slickwrap

Afterwards, just peel off the stickers that cover the buttons and carefully align them where they need to be. When you're finished, your Pebble has a completely new personality. 

So far, the SlickWrap seems like it's here to stay. While it's still just a sticker, the adhesive is strong, the vinyl is thick, and I don;t get the feeling that it's going to peel off and look horrible in a week or two. If anything, the buttons will be the part you lose first, and your SlickWrap comes with a full extra set of button covers. 

I didn't want to wait for the other color Pebble's to be released, and I think I'm going to wait before I plunk down the cash for a Pebble Steel. This SlickWrap is a prefect way to get a great look on my plain black Pebble. At just $8.95, with a ton of different styles and colors available, I can recommend these to anyone and everyone. Check out the official installation video here and some pictures of my hawt new Pebble in the gallery up top!


Reader comments

Give your Pebble a new look with a SlickWrap


Thanks for the tip Jerry! I'm thinking of getting the bright green for my pebble.

Posted via the Android Smartwatch Fans App!

Went with brushed metal slickwrap, and got a black metal band from eBay for 14 bucks. Home-brewed Pebble Steel

Posted via the Android Smartwatch Fans App!

That's great. This is a finish they should have come with originally. Frankly, the watch face colors were one of the original impediments to me considering a Pebble in the first place.

I have been using wraps. They are a great company with amazing support.

Posted via the Android Smartwatch Fans App!

I found the slickwraps with the screen protector to be difficult to put on and some of my screen protectors were not cut properly so they tore removing them from the backing. That said my brushed onyx looks great, much better than the plain black and I no longer fear scratching the plastic face. My puppy actually chewed my pebble and it left a bite mark that appears to be only on the slickwraps upper left corner. I haven't bothered to replace it because it doesn't distract me from the watch, however, if there is a different color I feel like trying I will replace this one. Until then I'm happy and would recommend slickwraps.

I like the idea of these and almost bought one before, but I am concerned about what happens when it gets wet because my Pebble is in the shower for a rinse after a run.