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View enhanced notifications on your Pebble with Glance

By Alicia Erlich on 24 Mar 2014 02:59 pm

Having acquired the Pebble a few months ago before the holidays, it was only a matter of time before I explored the watch apps available in Google Play. One that stood out in terms of functionality and information displayed is Glance. Not only does it provide quick access to data including time, weather, calendar, stocks, and battery life, but gives users the option to send prepared SMS replies and customizable watch faces as well. 

Glance is first foremost an enhanced watch face, meaning it brings out the best in your Pebble. One of my favorites features is that is maximizes the size of your display and crams a lot of use information into the limited space. It utilizes both a watch app, accessible in the menu, and a required companion application on your smartphone.


  • Allows the sending of pre-configured SMS messages
  • Tasker integration 
  • Calendar entries
  • Unread SMS, Gmail, Missed Calls
  • Reading of recent SMS
  • Simple Stocks

Users have the choice of customizing and selecting the different options on their watch, though limited, and within the Android application. If you are looking to view the weather, you will need to download the compatible provider application as shown in settings. For the purposes of this review, I have Yahoo! Weather with no issues to speak of in terms of syncing to the watch.

Another capability that is sure to draw attention is that within this watch app is the ability to customize your watch face. Not only can you select from the pre-filled styles already included but, with the purchase of the premium version, use the editor to modify the layout, fonts, or change the order of the existing ones to create your own. 

The developer has certainly packed this outstanding watch app with everything you need to see your customizations on your Pebble exactly how you want to. With all the features and capabilities I highly recommend it and think it should be one of the first apps you install. A recent update came with new capabilities including two additional faces to the premium version and the option to select Calendars to use for Glance in the free version.

As of now, Glance is only available for Android and as such is free to download in Google Play for Pebble v1.0 and v2.0 SDK. However, some features are only available on SDK2 and some are unlocked with the in-app purchase of $3.49 such as the watch face editor, replying to text messages, Tasker screen, and the NextBus notification. The only issue I have at times is that the battery indicator is not always correct.

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View enhanced notifications on your Pebble with Glance

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First watchapp I used when I purchased my Pebble and still the best for Android. Well worth the price for the premium version adds functionality to the Pebble.