Not ready for VR? Try this!

With Glyph you can watch TV shows, movies, or whatever your media-obsessed heart desires anytime, anywhere!

Watch Game of Thrones in HD at the bus stop!

Think of Glyph like a pair of headphones that can be flipped down over your eyes to let you watch video through the dual eyepieces built into the headband. With its compact form factor this media device is more portable than typical head-mounted displays.



Glyph is the world's first personal theater that lets you see, hear and experience your video content in a new, portable way.

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Portable and powerful

The Glyph features a resolution of 1280x720p per eye, will let you watch about four hours of video on a single charge, and works with pretty much all your media devices including your smartphone, tablet, and game console. Unlike a VR headset, you can see above and below the visual field so you're not cut off from the world around you and won't be unknowingly mugged while watching your favorite shows.

This portable media player is packed with tech, offering an immersive 360-degree viewing experience with no lag and 9-axis head tracking. If you just want to rock out listening to your tunes, Glyph can also be worn and used like a traditional pair of over-ear headphones.