Your golf coach is on your phone

Wish you were as good at real golf as you were at video game golf? Swingbyte combines the best of both worlds to improve your game on the greens!

Virtual pro

When you swing that club with all your might and watch the ball go straight down the fairway instead of curving sideways into the bushes, you know you've done something right,, but you're not sure exactly what. That's where Swingbyte comes in. Simply attach its Bluetooth receiver to any club before you swing and it provides a detailed analysis of your shot!



Swingbyte is a Bluetooth receiver that connects your phone to your golf clubs and provides detailed analysis of your swings.

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Your swing explained

Swingbyte clips on easily to any of your clubs and connects with your phone so you can analyse your swing in great detail (club head speed and acceleration, plane, club face angle, and much more). You can track your data and compare your improvement over the course of one game, or an entire season. The Swingbyte clips on to just about any club, works with Android and Apple phones, and is a great way to improve your game for tech-savvy golfers.