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A good news/bad news day for the Omate TrueSmart

By Richard Devine on 24 Jan 2014 12:46 pm

If you're interested in – or backed on Kickstarter – the Omate TrueSmart, then it's a good news/bad news kind of day depending on where about in the world you are right now. If you're in North America, then it's good news. The bad news is for us Europeans. 

For the lucky North Americans, Omate has confirmed via its Kickstarter blog that 1500 units of the 1GB+8GB 1900MHz version have been produced, and are ready for shipping this weekend out of Hong Kong. This should ensure no delays related to Chinese New Year. That's not to say you'll all get them right away, there's going to be "several weeks" between shipping commencing and the final batch being delivered. 

For Europeans, the bad news is that production is on hold of the 1GB+8GB 2100MHz variant. Citing quality control issues, things on this front move back to February. 

Also, because of the delays in production in Europe, the #TrueSmartHackathon round 2 has been postponed, and will start again on February 21. This is to ensure as many developers as possible have their watches on wrist ready to attend. 

So, are you waiting on one of these, and are you one of the European folks hit by the delay? What's the first thing you'll be doing with your TrueSmart when you rip open the box? 

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A good news/bad news day for the Omate TrueSmart


Its not all good news for us north Americans. There were a lot more than 1500 backers in the USA/Canada and some backed more than one device. So although some will receive there ts, the rest of us north Americans will have to wait even longer for our devices. More like June/july

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It seems a lot of the smart watches are having delays. I had hoped to buy an Agent smart watch along side a new Nokia 1520. I'll be lucky to have that watch by Thanksgiving because I missed the kickstarter.

I received a tracking number for US delivery! Says it is in Germany with an international logistics company as of 1/28. No estimated delivery. Email was from Cecilia so if they are manually notifying everyone it might take a couple days.