Google Glass heads to the surgical suite for the next generation of doctors

Glass for budding surgeons
By John Callaham on 30 Jul 2014 12:07 pm

CrowdOptic has announced it will offer its technology made for the Google Glass wearable computing device to the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Stanford University Medical Center, in order to assist medical residents in how to perform surgeries.

CrowdOptic has created a way for a Google Glass user to see what another person wearing the same device is seeing just by looking in their direction. It's one of the company's that's part of Google's recently announced Glass at Work program. The company says:

This hope with this technology is that it will offer a paradigm shift in surgical training, especially in the highly complex area of cardiothoracic training, where a major challenge is creating an environment in which an attending surgeon can provide direct visual feedback to residents conducting operations.

Both Google Glass and CrowdOptic's technology will be used by Stanford Medical Center's faculty and student teams. Do you think this application of Google Glass could help train doctors to preform better surgeries?

Source: CrowdOptic

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Google Glass heads to the surgical suite for the next generation of doctors


I would still like to see a $500 civilian version this fall. Would be nice. My thought process is this. Google developed Glass and took that experience and fine tuned Now. And now we have Android Wear from that marriage. Glass could probably hang around in the background and come back when it is time.

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This will make an excellent tool for this profession.

> I'm the type of guy that stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.