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Google Glass moves to 'open beta' sales, still carries Explorer name and $1500 price

By Andrew Martonik on 13 May 2014 07:24 pm

It turns out the experiment of opening up Google Glass sales to anyone worked out well, because Google is opening up its store again to anyone with $1500 starting today. If you live in the U.S. and are interested in the future of Google's wearable technology, you can head to the Google Glass store and buy your pair — and a free set of Titanium Collection frames — today for a mere $1500.

A Google+ post announcing the availability claims the team has "... decided to move to a more open beta," and that the Explorer edition of Glass will now be available to anyone who wants to buy one, so long as there's stock in the store. You can pick out Glass in any of the original colors, along with a "free" shade or glass frame and the standard set of accessories, including a pouch, charger and mono earbud.

What this eventually means for the eventual retail price or availability of Glass isn't really clear. An "open beta" is certainly the next step towards a full product release, but even Google makes no secret about the fact that the Glass hardware and software are still very much in development. Regardless, if you're willing to plop down the money, there's now one less hoop to jump through.

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Google Glass moves to 'open beta' sales, still carries Explorer name and $1500 price


Glass is still in a very "frustrating" state right now. Even for someone like myself who is constantly working with the latest technology. Granted, the average Joe isnt going to drop $1500 on an impulse buy. I have to think its still a little to soon to role this out to "everyone" just yet.

It bothers me a little bit that Google is charging so much money for an unreleased product. I'm sure they're using the beta as a means to gather tons of data to produce a better version for the true product release, but it's pretty expensive for a beta product. Regardless, I like the product, but will wait for more apps and services to utilize Glass before purchasing one.

I wonder how many people are still looking to buy glass right now... I feel like everyone got a chance. I guess we will see.

1500 bucks for a head-mounted webcam with a small HUD... Maybe it's that I haven't tried one yet, but I just don't see what could possibly justify the steep price.

They need to consider lowering the price. With the whole system apparently only costing Google under $200 to make, $1500 to purchase a pair only hinders who can buy them. Then again, maybe that's the point. Google doesn't want just anyone to have them.

I think that most buyers will be writers of blogs and news (tech) websites. And maybe some very rich people. Not the people who Google claims to created it for.

As soon as it's affordable, I will be interested. Though I think I'll hold out until the HUD is integrated into 'normal' looking glasses without the extra gadgets on the front. High tech glasses that look like low tech glasses from the outside but provide a full data readout (think the Terminator or the TV show Intelligence) on the inside. That's the dream!

The produce is great of you ask me but only mean for the rich or for the tech industry people or for the idiots if u ask me.
1.its damn expensive at 1500 dollars still looks like a toy is still in development needs to be a bit more leaner and 'normal looking'
5.again,it is just so damn expensive
Plus as many of the comments mention it doesn't even make sense to the average person out there
And also.. Laws that govern the use of technology while driving or in personal or commercial use are still not clear on the use of glass.
I don't know about anyone else but I'm not that interested in buying 'this product' right now

Still interested, still priced way out of my market. I can almost see paying the price of say a brand new iPad for this, but 2x that? More than a bit too steep for me. Hoping there's a huge price drop when it hits retail, but this doesn't seem to be good news on that front