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Google Glass takes you on an epic and emotional first-person trip home for Mother's Day

By Joseph Keller on 8 May 2014 12:10 pm

Google has posted a new video, shot entirely with Google Glass, just in time for Mother's Day. The film was created by students at the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts, and is part of the Glass Creative Collection. Titled "Seeds," the video features a man taking a long journey home to India to surprise his mother.

Check it out, and let us know what you thought in the comments.

Source: YouTube

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Reader comments

Google Glass takes you on an epic and emotional first-person trip home for Mother's Day


Nice video, and interesting concept, but I got a headache from watching it. The shaky camera movement reminded me of the Blair Witch Project and I wasn't a fan of that style of footage.

Its nicely done. Works well as a music video. But when you shoot people talking and having a conversation, it feels, to me, intrusive.

Great promo for the glasses! I won't lie I thought that they were goggles to let you surf the web not video tape your actions. I think as an amateur film maker these could add a whole new perspective especially if they had cool effects like the app Video FX. All in all a neat product.

On a side note I agree with both comments below re: intrusive for conversations and Blair Witch Projectie

That was great. I may not use Google Glass to record a lot of "natural" interaction videos but it will be great for capturing those special moments you know you want to save, like telling your mom you're going to have a baby. In those moments, a person can consciously limit head movements to get a good shot. I can't wait to get Glass!

I love you mom, I love you so mu.. wait "glass, record, record, RECORD!" okay mom.. now I can hug you... can you start crying again, I want to get a bunch of hits on you tube...

WOW that is pretty impressive! Even without any words they really manage to get the message across and to create just the right amount of intrigue.

Nice video! Can't wait to get to use one of these someday. Every time i'm riding my bike and having a good time in the quiet night time streets, I always wished i had a GoogleGlass with me to capture everything that i look at. aaah....that would be awesome!

Nicely done- made me a bit off kilter too. However, I could definitely see a lot of great applications. How about even documenting as evidence if something is witnessed?

Too scripted to my taste, but interesting none the less. A nice way to share a holiday with loved ones.
And so many opportunities for Google to collect data and sell stuff on a trip like that... Sell data on how users buy their bus fare, print a voucher on screen when a user is looking to buy something... :)