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Google may be more flexible toward OEM customization on wearables, TVs and cars in the future

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By Harish Jonnalagadda on 16 Oct 2014 09:29 am

When Google announced Android Wear, Android TV and Android Auto at this year's I/O event, it mentioned that it was going to limit the amount of customization manufacturers would be able to undertake. However, that may change soon, according to vice president of engineering Hiroshi Lockheimer.

In a recent interview with Re/code, Lockheimer said that the lockdown on customization was done to ensure that Google got all the basics right, and that more flexibility will be available to OEMs in the future. He said that Asus' upcoming Zenwatch will give users a first look as to how customization will look on Android Wear.

"It's not some Google-way-or-the-highway kind of thing. We're trying to find the right balance of differentiation and customization."

Lockheimer also mentioned that the Nexus line of devices, which saw new offerings in the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9, will continue well into the future, stating that the "best way to develop an operating system is to do so in parallel with a piece of hardware."

Are you guys excited that Google is being more flexible in terms of software customization on new ecosystems?

Source: Re/code

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Google may be more flexible toward OEM customization on wearables, TVs and cars in the future


Give me a User Interface I can customize to my own preferences. It seems that when the manufacturers (and carriers) customize the software they lock out or limit what I can do. With Google limiting what can be customized I can expect the same level of my own customization on any hardware platform. By Google limiting the changes to software I can shop around for the best hardware.

Wear mini launcher is so good that i am not sure would samsung, htc, asus, motorola etc. really make much better. I hope that these custom things could be removed if user thinks that it is not good i would hate that android wear devices would have non removal customization which would be worse and would mean that update policy would be same as android phones which is terrible, really who would want to wait for months to get the new os becouse samsung etc. would stuff it full with unremoavable stuff and then year old devices would not get newest software updates at all or it would be over half year wait.

I hope that these customizations will be optional and which could install from google play like wear mini launcher and that google deliver the updates to android wear and htc etc. would update their customization afterwards.

I hate this android phone updates from bad manuafacters and i hope that my lg g watch would not be face the same as former lg high end phones like x2, x4, g, g2(no major updates... ever). They make good hardware but nexus 4&5 is much better becouse google delivers the updates same as g watch.

Google should continue to update the OS (improvements & security updates), manufactures publish their improved layers as to the play store. Like on the phones, require a few must have standards.

As long as they do that open it up.