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Google or Apple - Which smartwatch are you most looking forward to?

By Adam Zeis on 15 Mar 2014 02:34 pm

In a few months both Apple and Google should be releasing their smartwatches — though we're not quite sure just what either has in store. It's rumored that LG is working on Google's watch and it will be a pretty standard offering as far as specs go. Apple is still a mystery as well with details for their iWatch up in air, but it's rumored lately that they'll be taking more of a fitness band route than that of a full-blown smartwatch.

While we still have a long way to go before we see either device become official, for now we're curious to know just which one you're most looking forward to. Are you a Google fan? Or will Apple's watch be the one to crush them all?

Hit up the poll below and let us know, then drop a comment with your thoughts!

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Google or Apple - Which smartwatch are you most looking forward to?



Especially since the Apple Smartwatch will most likely only work with Apple products (likewise with the Google Smartwatch and Android).

I would think that Google would allow sold devices to connect. Google develops apps for iOS and would probably welcome the sales

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Looking forward to the Google watch... Already have nexus 5 and 7... Wife isn't going to like it though, just got the pebble steel...

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Google. But we all know apple is going to "invent" the smartwatch and the world will pretend googles doesn't exist.

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I disagree. People will think Samsung invented the smartwatch, which of course they didn't, and then Apple made the 2nd smartwatch in existence. Then Google's watch, whether it comes out before or after Apple's, will be labeled as a copycat of Apple's watch. Samsung and Apple will go through a lawsuit in which Samsung will probably, but not definitely be the plaintiff. People will ask if our Pebbles are Samsung's watch or the iWatch.

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I'd like to say you're wrong.

Unfortunately, your predictions will almost certainly prove highly accurate. So I can't.

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I'm a member at macrumors (used to be good but not so much anymore) and I kid you not they seem to think samsung only released the gear watches to beat apple to market. So many people over there think that any apple rumours are what deuces other manufacturers. They can ignore the fact that smart watches have been around in various forms dpfir a long time.

I think that the hype around apples watch will lead many to being disappointed. I'm sure it will be good but won't introduce any unique novel features.

Android user so looking for what google comes up with. That being said, I'm hoping it's a generic device and not just a single-purpose extension of google now which I find absolutely worthless...

Google's would work with plenty of smartphones out there!
OEM's and Nexus :)
So the answer is pretty easy :) Google smart watch is going to redefine the face of smart watches :)

I'm an Android user, but I would consider switching to iOS for the right smart watch. The thing that holds me back from wearing my Pebble more often is that it is butt-ugly. If Apple can make a smartwatch that looks nice, I'd pay a lot for it, and then a lot more for a fancy iPhone.

I really like Google, but I just don't trust them to make a thing I want to wear on my body. (Not in a data-trust kind of way. Just a design-trust.)

I find the Steel to be a marginal improvement at best. I don't think any of the current crop of smartwatches, including those that have been announced and not released, are really the sort of thing I want to wear day-to-day. I'll wait for something along the lines of the Gábor Balogh design shown off here and on the Verge recently.

Having said that, functionally speaking, my Pebble is just too dang handy to leave at home! I'm growing increasingly reliant on it for notifications and media control.

Google because I don't expect Apple's to work with my HTC One.

However, more than either one, I want to see Google's SDK for wearables. The possibility that I can develop Apps for multiple smartphones instead of for a specific one is much more important than either device is likely to be.

I'm looking at the lg lifeband or razer nabu,as I like the sporty look best. Any others to be looking for?
I'm on an lg g2,otherwise the gear fit looks great also.

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Definitely Google. I feel like Google has more possibilities. The Apple iwatch I feel will not being anything surprising. That being said the iwatch will be the best selling smart watch ever made.


Love my Pebble, but if Google made a cooler watch and it was simple I would switch, don't want speakers, mic, camera stuff.

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Apple iWatch :)

I don't think of it much mainly because I know its a long way from becoming available. The Pebble Steel will keep me happy until iWatch Day. No problem if it only works with iOS devises as its all I use.

Its the same with Gear 2, would love to buy one when available but only works with Samsung Phones.

Would be interesting to see what the Google Watch will be, its going to be a good year with many choices :)

I'm still trying to figure out why the Martian doesn't get more love. The speakerphone is great - even if you don't make phone calls, Siri / Google on the wrist is great for quick text responses. And, while more expensive than Pebble, is comparable to the Pebble Steel.

Patiently waiting here for the Samsung Gear Fit and Galaxy S5 of course... But between Apple and Google, I'm sure that Apple's watch will be the better of the two for a little while as Goog sucks at 1st tries...

Apples first iteration of most things is normally lacking too. E.g. no 3G on 1st iPhone, no mms etc.

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I'm still waiting for my black matte Pebble Steel to arrive. BUT now that I have waited this long for a backorder whose delivery date keeps changing... I'm thinking about cancelling my order and waiting to see what Apple and Samsung produce. If I'm going to have to wait, I might as well do so without tying up $250.00 on my debit card. At least I know that when Samsung or Apple announces, they'll be available to ship right away.

Having said that, I think I'm most interested in the iWatch. I would love something to work with my iPad.