Google's YouTube rumored to be buying video game streamer Twitch for over $1 billion

Google's YouTube rumored to be buying video game streamer Twitch for over $1 billion
By Rene Ritchie on 18 May 2014 07:15 pm

Google's YouTube is reportedly going to acquire popular video game streaming service, Twitch for more than $1 billion. Twitch lets Xbox and Playstation gamers share and watch live gameplay footage, and they claim more than 45 million visitors a month. According to Variety:

The deal, in an all-cash offer, is expected to be announced imminently, sources said. If completed the acquisition would be the most significant in the history of YouTube, which Google acquired in 2006 for $1.65 billion. The impending acquisition comes after longtime Google ad exec Susan Wojcicki was named CEO of YouTube earlier this year.

Depending if and how the deal ultimately shakes out, the price of Twitch could be almost two-thirds of what Google paid for YouTube itself. It would also give YouTube even greater reach in the online video space, something that will no doubt be looked at closely by federal regulators.

If you use Twitch, how would you feel about Google and YouTube taking over the service? Love the idea or hate it enough to consider switching over to Major League Gaming?

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Google's YouTube rumored to be buying video game streamer Twitch for over $1 billion


Google seems to keep buying and buying up companies. I think it's great they are growing and expanding. I just hope they can still focus their resources on current projects instead of spreading themselves to thin

Seems like an inevitability, as more video streaming services look to expand with custom and original content

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I can certainly see a day in the not-to-distant future where Twitch broadcasts games on YouTube. The move makes sense, and I guess they have the money to throw around, but I feel like there have to better things to buy out there.

Google is the only company I could see buying twitch and still keeping it's quality.

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I don't know what to think about this... If this really come true, I'm afraid of Google starts ruining Twitch because of copyright stuff...

as a regular twitch user, I'm not particularly thrilled hearing this, really hope they don't require google accounts like youtube

Hooray! Another great service that is currently offered on multiple platforms which Google will now make available on only the platforms it deems appropriate (ie; I can see Twitch disappearing from the Xbox One within a year and zero support on Windows machines! Thanks Google! ... now if only Gmail wasn't so much better than Outlook).

I have never heard of twitch before reading this article. I'm a huge Google fan, but as lanching123 said, I hope Google still focuses it's resources on their products...

I don't love the idea nor do I hate it. As long as Twitch works as good as it does right now, it's fine.

I think all the big companies are going crazy in spending way too much money in buying smaller competitors or to gain specific technologies: WhatsApp, BeatsAudio, Twitch....My worries are that these investments need to return some day and who is the one that gets billed for it ?