GoPro is taking registration for customers wanting their virtual reality rig named Odyssey. Select few customers will be able to get their hands on the device that will feature 16 GoPros Hero Blacks mounted on a rig capable of shooting 360-degree scenes. The 16 synchronized GoPros on the Odyssey use the Google Jump assembler and can output video captures at an 8K30 resolution.

The rig is said to cost $15,000 and will come with 16 Hero Black GoPros, 16 MicroSD cards, 16 Array BacPacs, cables, mounts, the Odyssey rig itself, and a pelican storage case. VR Filmmakers can apply via the GoPro page, and a few will be able to get their rigs by the end of the year. Check out the YouTube video above for a 360-degree demo GoPro posted that allows you to scroll its view during playback.

Register to get your hands on the Odyssey Rig