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GoPro details new lineup of cameras for adrenaline junkies

GoPro Hero4 Black
By Harish Jonnalagadda on 29 Sep 2014 08:33 am

GoPro has updated its range of action cameras today with the launch of the Hero4 series. The new line features three cameras targeting different price segments. The Hero4 Black, which is the flagship offering, will retail for $499, while the Hero4 Silver will set users back $399. The entry-level Hero will cost $130. All three cameras will be available starting October 5.

The Hero 4 Black comes with the ability to record 4K videos at fps, full-HD video at 120 fps and still images at 12 MP. The camera features a processor that is twice as fast as its predecessor, and comes with new shooting modes that allow you to take better images and videos in low-light conditions.

The Hero 4 Silver has most of the features offered by the Hero 4 Black, but does not have 4K recording. Instead, you can shoot full-HD videos at 60 fps and 720p videos at 120 fps. A key addition in the Hero 4 Silver is the inclusion of a touchscreen display, which makes the camera the first GoPro to have a built-in display.

For users on a budget, GoPro is offering the Hero, which lets you record full-HD videos at 30 fps and 720p videos at 60 fps. You can also shoot still images at a resolution of 5 MP.

What do you guys think of GoPro's new lineup? What product do you like the most?

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GoPro details new lineup of cameras for adrenaline junkies


Woah! Entry level Hero for $130 is pretty awesome. I only recently had the chance to try shooting with a GoPro 3 and was incredibly impressed.

Agreed! I just ordered a Poloroid Cube, so curious to see how that little guy is before I pick up one of these as well.