Foam rollers are great. A GoRoll is better!

Foam rollers are an incredible way to help you fight post-workout soreness by allowing you to roll out the tightness in your muscles. GoRoll has found a clever way to make your foam roller even more useful by giving you a lockable storage space.

Just roll with it

The GoRoll is a hollow design foam roller which gives you a great place to keep your keys, phone, extra shirt while you're working out. The cap of your GoRoll has a combination lock to make sure no one is going to munch on your post workout energy bar, but is designed so that its hollow interior still provides a firm rolling surface. The handy carrying strap for the GoRoll makes it easy to transport, meaning you may not have to sling your gym bag around!



The GoRoll is a hollow foam roller which gives you a great place to store your belongings during a workout, and an excellent tool to roll out your muscles after your exercise.

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Ditch the gym bag!

The GoRoll is available in three different models each with different firmness and can be purchased smooth or textured depending on how intense of a treatment you need after your workout. If you've never used a foam roller after a workout, it helps your muscles feel great and can eliminate stiffness. If you have used a foam roller you'll appreciate the careful thought that has gone into the GoRoll.