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Groove calls off smartwatch, focuses on new app

By Adam Zeis on 4 Aug 2014 11:02 am

A few weeks back we first saw the Groove smartwatch show up on Indiegogo. The bold smartwatch was aiming for a $200,000 campaign, but the Groove team has since decided not to pursue the hardware side, but rather focus on a new app that will work with existing fitness trackers and other smartwatches.

The Groove watch was originally planned to be a fitness tracker and notification device, allowing you to track your fitness goals in real-time, and also show off your notifications from a paired smartphone. Apparently the project ended up being too much to handle — or too far out of sight — so the team at Groove issued this statement via their Indiegogo page:

Hey all backers sorry about the delays! Sorry for keeping you in the dark, in the past week the Groove team has been really busy looking at the choices and steps the team should take going forward, and we realized through indiegogo that we should redirect our focus.

The direction we have chosen is to focus on and release the app first, which we hope will be a great downloadable experience and as you will be able to pair it with your favorite fitness trackers and smart watches to enhance this experience.

This wasn't supposed to be the big announcement but we are excited about the choice we have made.

As it is a fixed funding campaign you will not be charged, at the end of the campaign your money will be automatically refunded into your account. Thanks for the support we will look into ways of showing our appreciation towards all our backers here on indiegogo when the app is launched.

Kind of a downer not to see this watch go forward, but we're definitely excited to see what the Groove app looks like when it's done!

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Groove calls off smartwatch, focuses on new app