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Groove smartwatch-fitness tracker seeks $200,000 on Indiegogo

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By Joseph Keller on 21 Jul 2014 09:42 am

Groove is a new fitness-tracking smartwatch, currently seeking $200,000 on Indiegogo, that focuses on helping you find the balance necessary to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Groove can calibrate to your personal fitness level, and track how your daily activity contributes towards your overall fitness.

Groove watches your activity in real-time. A display on the Groove's screen moves a small picture of you either left or right to indicate how relaxed or active you are, with the goal that you'll move your picture to the middle, indicating balance. Keeping that balance is supposed to lead to a healthier life. As part of the monitoring, Groove can apparently keep track of a number of vital signs: heart rate, sweat, stress, and oxygen levels.

In addition to tracking your fitness, Groove also keeps track of your notifications. When you receive a text or email, Groove's band will light up with a color based on what kind of notification you received. Groove also supports voice commands, letting you activate Google Now or Siri right from the watch. You can use the companion app to track all of the stats that Groove collects, as well as issue challenges to your friends.

The Groove smartwatch connects to your device via Bluetooth, including Bluetooth 4.0. The 200 mAh battery, which powers the 1.2-inch TFT screen, is expected to last 5 days on a single charge.

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Source: Groove on Indiegogo

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Reader comments

Groove smartwatch-fitness tracker seeks $200,000 on Indiegogo


The watch looks great. Good amount of transparency from the team. I especially like the light up band function. Not to keep saying the same thing over and over but I'm a little too burned from crowd funding to invest. Ye of little faith I suppose.

Another proprietary watch no one is gonna to want develop for and dependent on group funding hoping it comes to fruition. Looks nice.

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They are already developing the watch and heck if they raise enough who wouldn't want to manufacture this! Y'all nice big contract for manufacturers its an investment gold mine!

What I am trying to say is their ideas are far better than what's out there already, if they are successful on indiegogo pretty sure they have investors lined up if not they will come who wouldn't want in on it. Pretty sure they will be bought out by Nike though