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GymTrack: A B2B Internet of Things solution for gyms

By Kyle McInnes on 13 Jun 2014 02:49 pm

MobileFitGymTrack is an Internet of Things (IoT) company that is targeting a B2B market rather than the typical B2C market that Internet of Things companies are known for. It's an interesting take on IoT and fitness that you don't see too much of, and if the company can handle all of the headaches around scaling, it could be a hugely successful idea.

The solution comes in a few components: smart weights, a smartphone app and an NFC-enabled wearable. The smart-weights are actually dumb weights that are retro-fitted with glued or screwed on parts and then synced to a user's wearable and smartphone. For the weight machines, GymTrack offers a smart-peg which replaces the previous dumb-peg and provides the same features.

The smart-peg and smart-weights are paired with an NFC wearable that lets the smart weights know who the user is. This saves your session with the weight and also enables the smart weights to handle multiple users swapping in and out.

Combined with the smart-weights and NFC wearable is a smartphone app that tracks all of the user's progress. There aren't many details floating around about the app, and while I've seen the smart-weights, I haven't even seen screenshots of the app.

GymTrack is at a very early stage in the company. There is no publicly available demo, no screenshots or mockups, and only one or two gyms privately beta testing the service. While pricing isn't public, according to the company, there's a per user, per week fee, plus an initial setup fee. The reason for the per user, per week fee, is that the company is looking to disrupt the personal gym trainer business, which has a similar pricing structure.

My personal opinion is that while this is an awesome idea, it's simply too big for a company of recent student grads with bootstrapped funding. In order to scale sales to gyms, as well as handle the smartphone app launch and a wearable product on top, you're essentially packing three big startup ideas into one company. Just think about some of the obvious scaling problems such as every gym having a different weight machine with different sizes of pegs required. It's a bold and ambitious plan, but also costly and cumbersome.

You can check out GymTrack's website where they have a contact form for gym sales at this link.

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GymTrack: A B2B Internet of Things solution for gyms

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