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Hands-on with eBay for Pebble

By Alicia Erlich on 21 Mar 2014 01:59 pm

Not too long ago we announced the Pebble appstore was out of beta and available to download for Android users. At the time, the store rolled out additional partner applications that included, amongst others eBay.

Only recently have I joined the ranks as a buyer and seller on the popular online marketplace and as such created feeds and watch lists for items that I am planning to or would like to buy in the future. If I do not want to pick up my phone I can easily accomplish that right on my wrist. The eBay watch app is a convenient way of accessing these lists with the ability to them complete the transaction right from the app on my Android smartphone.

The simplest way of downloading this application is, of course, through the Pebble appstore. Keep in mind that the Pebble only has 8 slots available for watch faces and apps. If all of these are filled you will have to move one to your locker to make room for this one.

Once installed, it requires linking to your account and the easiest way to do that is by tapping on the watch face in the Pebble App and pressing Settings. From the next screen, you will be prompted for your username/email and password. Installing the eBay app on your smartphone is not mandatory in order to use.

Going back to the app itself, as it is an app and not a watch face, activation is done through the menu settings. Simply press the select button, scroll down to eBay, and then press the center select button to activate the watch app. You will then see the eBay My Feed display with a note to remind you to login via your device. After a moment of verifying your credentials, it will then direct you to your subscribed collections, interests, and sellers or categories that you follow. Note that you will not be able to search new listings, only items that are in your eBay feeds.

Now comes the fun part. On your Pebble you can use the top and bottom buttons to view all of your feeds and press the center select button to pull up the listings that populate each one. The application will allow you to view the photo, read the item details, and let you add to your watch list. The only negative aspect about this is I only see a way to advance in the list with no way of going back to a previously viewed item unless I return to the menu and select the list again. That being said, it is a handy way of getting a quick snapshot of the item, price, and description.

If you find an item you like or wish to buy simply tap on the center select button on the right side to add it to your wish list. This way you can return to the app on your smartphone or computer and finalize the purchase.

Any user that monitors and scans for certain items will appreciate how practical it is and how it presents a cursory glance at the information you need to review before buying. eBay for Pebble is available for free so be sure to check it out.

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Hands-on with eBay for Pebble


I'm sorry but that is just ridiculous. Why/who would ever want to do something like this? The load time is so annoying also.

Posted via the Android Smartwatch Fans App!

Have to agree, would even think twice about using ebay on my phone - on my laptop it's so much quicker and easier!
Thanks for the run-through though, gives an idea of exactly how awkward it would be to use and what compromises and limitations there are.

Posted via the Smartwatch Fans App on my Motorola XT890 RAZR i