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Hands-on with Evernote for Pebble

By DJ Reyes on 13 Mar 2014 12:02 pm

The Pebble appstore and Pebble 2.0 was finally made official and so Android users can now enjoy the practicality of being able to install watch faces and apps easily. Along with the official availability Pebble also announced a few more partner apps to join in the mix, one of which is Evernote.

I’m a big Evernote user, from drafting my notes to making checklists and occasionally saving useful articles around the web. Evernote for Pebble lets you access core features right from your wrist and we’re going to go hands-on with using it.

Once you load up Evernote on your Pebble the Pebble app then prompts you to login to your Evernote account get started. Your Pebble will also tell you to finish setting up by going into the Pebble app. When you have done that your notebooks will then be synced to your Pebble, along with reminders and checklists.

By default you have access to all your notebooks and notes. You can then filter them to see just your reminders, checklists, shortcuts and tags. There is also the ability to filter to any of your saved searches.

There is a settings section available too where you can set the app to just show your Shortcuts only, if you’re looking to keep things simple. There is also the option to manual sync your notes too.  As well as the option to choose between miles and kilometers for when carrying out nearby searches. Not something I personally use, however. You also have the ability to logout of your account entirely.
What is great about the Evernote app is that you can tick of things in a checklist. Great for those shopping lists or to-do lists. You can tick them off right from your Pebble — very convenient. 

I highly recommend checking the app out if you’re an Evernote user. Download it via the Pebble appstore now.

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Hands-on with Evernote for Pebble


I like the feature where you can tick off things in a checklist on your Pebble. That is an awesome idea.