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Hands-on with the Kreyos Meteor at #CESlive

By Adam Zeis on 9 Jan 2014 01:00 pm

One of the fan-favorites when it comes to smartwatches is the Kreyos Meteor. Set to being shipping in just a few weeks, the Kreyos is an awesome combination of fitness tracker and smartwatch. The Kreyos features both gesture and voice control and will be compatible with iOS, Android, Window Phone 8 and (hopefully) BlackBerry 10 devices. Moving your wrist in different directions gives you different functions and the built-in gyroscope and accelerometer tie into the various fitness apps on the device. Like other watches the Kreyos will give you notifications for email, SMS, phone calls, Facebook, Twitter and more. 

One of the cool things about the Kreyos is that it's not tied down to a single band. You can swap out the unit with the line of accessories that include watch bands, a lanyard and belt clip. The Kreyos also boasts up to one week of battery life.

Due out in February for $169, the Kreyos Meteor is available now for pre-order.

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Reader comments

Hands-on with the Kreyos Meteor at #CESlive


After doing some research.. this looks to be my watch of choice. Fitness tracker and smart watch. Sign me up! I'm just surprised that there's not more excitement about this device...

Thanks Adam. I ordered one and was hoping you'd get a review unit to test especially with WP8. :)
Guess Feb can't come sooner. @AdamZ If it was up to you, Which one would you prefer, HOT or Kreyos OR.. Both?

i have invested in this, and should get it next month! very excited to get it and am very proud to have sponsored such a great product!

Did she really just say you can pop it out of the band and put it in your pocket??!! That makes NO sense. The whole point of a smart watch is so you DON'T have to reach into your pocket!

It also has a load of fitness features, so if you're running and don't want to actually wear it for some reason, you can toss it in your pocket instead. 

Hi Adam. Did you ask her to demo the ability to answer calls? Looks liks the gesture was not yet working, but were most of the other promised features working at CES? Thanks.

She says it will be available on all platforms. She doesn't mention BB10, this just goes to show that BlackBerry is not in the minds of the tech world anymore. This needs to change. John Chen change the view toward BB10. I'm obviously not getting this since my platform of choices is not nor will it be supported

I did ask her about BB10 though and it got a "maybe" which is much more than others, so it's a move in the right direction! 

It's about time they start shipping to the Indiegogo backers (like me) ... :)

Adam: it seems the AGENT team should also be present at CES. Did you see their smartwatch already? I think it's the only one actually looking like a nice watch instead of a fridge tacked to your wrist... ;) I would love to see a report on that one from you guys :)

I like the look of this one.

Seems like it could appeal to the ladies which is a win win for Kreyos.

How is this "hands-on" again? I mean, *she* had it on her hand, but besides that it could've been a plastic box from all we could see...