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Hands-on with the new Sonos Controller for iOS and Android

By Adam Zeis on 14 May 2014 12:18 pm

The folks at Sonos have released an update to their Sonos Controller app for both iOS and Android devices. While it doesn't change much of the functionality, it does add a redesigned UI, the ability to create playlists on the fly and universal search across all of your music services. It's been available on Android in beta form for a few weeks, but it's now officially available for everyone to enjoy.

If you haven't had a chance to check it out for yourself, we gave the app a quick run-through. It's even easier to use than before and gives a much cleaner look than previous versions. Both iOS and Android are on par so you won't find any differences between the two platforms either.

Check out the video above for a look at the new Sonos Controller app, then drop your thoughts in the comments!

Reader comments

Hands-on with the new Sonos Controller for iOS and Android


I'd reeallllyyy like to give Sonos a shot. I just have so much invested in my existing audio setups, and their "connect" devices are insanely expensive.

"Beep" is a device that I am genuinely excited for. But I would totally check out Sonos if I had the opportunity.

I was in the same boat and started with just a Play:1. I've since added to the system and have never looked back. Sonos is amazing, all I want now is an outdoor speaker.

I upgraded the app on my iphone4 (old phone I use exclusively as SONOS controller) and my ipad2 yesterday and although I do like the new interface I find it rather slow on both devices. I find that after either idevice goes to sleep the app takes too long to refresh once device has woken up. I also found that the app would lose connection to my media source and no longer be able to browse my library (the SONOS speakers however NEVER lose this connection, Music still plays even though the controller is having issues...thank goodness!).

I understand why SONOS gave up on their proprietary hand help controller and made these apps available instead. But it is times like this I wish they still offered a dedicated controller. The SONOS system creates its own wireless mesh network through the SONOS bridge and all your SONOS speakers in your setup but the controller relies on ones regular household WIFI to connect. So you get this super strong network for your music and a potentially crappy one for the controller. This thought is reinforced by the fact my controller software on my wired PC never drops it connection to the system. I also use a 3rd party app on my Blackberry10 device and this one keeps its connection to the system much better than the ios app. Hopefully there are a few updates coming!

Still love my SONOS though!!

Thanks for posting this Adam. Now I know I want to use it on my BB Z30 if ever Sonos brings a native app to BB. Come on Sonos, BlackBerry users a Sonos lovers too!! I'm at 6 units and counting!

I haven't won any part of the Sonos system from Crackberry yet, so I am still waiting. Mabe once the last of my six kids have moved out I will look into this or the next generation of it.

I'm wondering, like many others, whether this app will work on BB10 via the Android Player... going to check for myself tonight. BB10 support from Sonos would be great (as would WP8).

Initially nervous that I would have to do much relearning with the new controller launch. Roll-out was excellent and my fears were assuaged.
Really like the Crossfade feature for a curated 'dj' effect.
Use 'Sleep-timer and Alarm functions practically every day.