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Hands-on with the ZTE BlueWatch at #CESlive

By Phil Nickinson on 9 Jan 2014 07:06 pm

We'll forgive you if you confuse the ZTE BlueWatch with another popular smartwatch — the two have certain ... similarities. 

The Blue has a 1.26-inch display that looks dangerously like e-paper. It's got one button on the left, three on the right. It's got a magnetic charger. And it runs a number of mini-apps, and ties into your Android smartphone. Yep, it looks a whole hell of a lot like the first-generation Pebble.

Other specs of note: The ZTE BlueWatch runs on an ARM Cortex M3 processor and has a 235 mAh battery. 

Physically speaking, it's a larger, clunkier Pebble not from Pebble.

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Hands-on with the ZTE BlueWatch at #CESlive


Come on really ZTE? Pebble was that good you had to steal their design? I mean it is and I love my Pebble but still.