Fresh air everywhere!

When you don't have the option to step out for some fresh air, a new Kickstater campaign will help you take fresh air with you anywhere you go!

Step into your personal bubble

It's called Wynd. This personal air cleaning system automatically monitors the air conditions around you and activates to ensure you are breathing the cleanest air possible. Wynd's sensors scan the atmosphere of your office, bedroom, or even the great outdoors on your next walk, and helps to remove dust, allergens, smoke, and pollution from your personal space. With these particles removed, you can enjoy cleaner, fresher air all around you, all the time!


Wynd draws air through its sides, filters it, and blows clean air from its top.


Use your Wynd to clean the air around you anywhere you go!

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Constant monitoring

Wynd has a removable air monitor that can be clipped on to your bag, pocket, or left in the device. This smart monitor can be set to automatically activate and purify the air around you when certain conditions are met. Allergic to pollen? Hate the smell of cigarette smoke? Just tilt your Wynd toward your face and enjoy clean air pushed through the Wynd's filter and toward your body. Wynd is about the size of a water bottle so it's convenient to take with you anywhere.