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Have you gotten a Pebble Steel shipment notification?

By Adam Zeis on 28 Jan 2014 03:06 pm

The Pebble Steel is official and pre-orders start shipping today — for anyone that is lucky enough that is. It appears that the shipments are being sent out in batches depending on when you snuck in your order. For some that could mean you'll see your Pebble Steel soon, for others, not so much.

I ordered my Pebble Steel within just an hour after the pre-sales going live, but already my order is shown as shipping in mid to late February. Bummer. I (like everyone else) was hoping to see my Pebble Steel show up at my door just a few days from now, but it sadly looks like that won't be happening. Instead I'll be checking my order status daily in hopes of a "shipped" notice coming my way. Pebble has been very up front about communication, so hopefully they'll keep everyone in the loop as the days go by.

I'm curious to know how many of you — if any — have received a shipment notification for your Pebble Steel? And if not, what's your estimated ship date? Hit up the comments below and discuss! 

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Reader comments

Have you gotten a Pebble Steel shipment notification?


I put in my pre-order on the first day. Received my order confirmation on the 17th, but no shipping confirmation yet. I want it badly though!

I also pre-ordered within about an hour of it going live and got the same mid to late February timeframe. Got my confirmation on the 12th. Are any really shipping?

In my opinion they do a poor job of communicating with customers. Still looking forward to getting my watch though!

I order the 1st day. The estimate shipping date was mid februray and i have received a shipment notification today with tracking number for the Brushed Stainless version.

I ordered mine right after they announced it while the live stream was still running and mine says mid to late February also. It's crazy. Either they gave us all far off shipping dates so we are all happy when they shorten it. Or they only had like 50 ready to ship today. lol

I ordered mine as he was still talking in the live stream also and I have a shipment of mid to late February, Now I ordered the black one, maybe they just shipping the first batch of the brushed stainless steel since those are a few steps less to make?

For my shipment notification yesterday. Ordered on the 17th. Currently in Hong Kong according to dhl!

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I emailed Pebble and they said that the status page is wrong, new orders placed today would arrive mid to end Feb - so hopefully those of us who pre-ordered should get them soon, I did ask if they could tell me where I was in the queue but they said they had no way to do that.

I am in the UK, so I'll have to pay customs and wait for it to pass there, but hopefully it should at least get shipped within a few days.

Most excited I have been for a bit of tech for a while!!

I ordered while they were still speaking, and received my confirmation on January 6th. Still says shipping mid to late February.


Mine was part of the mid to late February batch but I just got my shipping notification. FedEx says it will be here Tuesday.

Woo-hoo! I just got an email from FedEx showing shipment today, with delivery on Feb 4. My order had shown as mid to late February, so I can't complain.

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Just got my notification today! It will be to me on Wednesday!!!! Good thing I paid for "next day service" and they charged me for it too! Oh it shipped today.

Brushed Stainless

Got my shipment notification yesterday. Tracking # says it will be here on the 6th. Ordered on the 10th of jan. Brushed steel version.

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I actually sent 2 emails to Pebble to check the status and still haven't heard back from them. I'm a little disappointed at that. Especially since I ordered on Jan. 6th.