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HBO will start streaming shows without cable in 2015

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By John Callaham on 15 Oct 2014 11:43 am

HBO will finally give many people what they have been requesting for years; a way to access their movies and TV shows like Game of Thrones without a cable TV subscription. That's the word from HBO CEO Richard Plepler, who revealed today at an investor conference that it will offer a "stand alone, over the top" streaming service sometime in 2015.

Details about how this will work are still unknown, although Plepler did say HBO will work with its "current partners" and may bring in new partners as well. HBO already offers a way to stream its many past and present TV shows and its library of movies via HBO Go but it requires a paid subscription to the user's local cable TV provider.

It's way too early to tell how successful this venture will be, but if HBO offers the right amount of features for the right price, it could be a big game changer for TV networks in general. Would you pay for a stand alone HBO streaming service?

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HBO will start streaming shows without cable in 2015


Not sure how this will go if Net Neutrality falls. Does anyone think Big Cable will put up with cancellations of HBO only to see data usage go up. If they're allowed, they will extort the hell out of HBO.

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